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Teodora Alonzo, the mother of Rizal, was actually imprisoned twice. Once in the 1870’s , 1872 to be exact, wherein she was imprisoned for two and a half years on trumped-up charges of poisoning her brother’s wife. The second time was in 1891 wherein she was made to walk fifty kilometers to Sta. Cruz, Laguna, for failing to use her hispacinized surname, Realonda de Rizal.

Discuss the important views that Rizal was able to formulate when he was studying in ADMU and UST?

It was during Rizal’s Ateneo life that he developed patriotic feelings and acute quickness of perception (una exquisita sensibilidad). He also developed the quickness of political perception and he even privately concluded that he must dedicate his life to the service of his people. It was also during this time that he realized that the first step in such a life of service is that he must study abroad. I quote the line from the book of Austin Coates, “It is by means of education, he says, that the fatherland acquires it’s glory; and in the poem that follows, fervent with proud and youthful love of country, he says that just as the gentle movement of a breeze causes flowers to show off their colors more vividly, so is education the vital breath which causes a nation to rise to it’s more brilliant heights; that wherever education is implanted there will grow up a youth invigorated and strong, firmly eradicating error and broadening itself on the strength of noble ideas.” In my own opinion, the greatest view that he formulated in his college years in Ateneo is the importance of education.

From the line that I quoted, it shows how much Rizal value education. He also had the idea that by altering the basic nature of Philippine society through enlightenment and arms is not necessary. He believes that war/revolution is not necessary to achieve reformation or change and that is the idea that he pursued. Before leaving the realms of Ateneo, Rizal had already perceived the most fundamental problem of the country and that is the soil of ignorance that tyranny thrives, and that in measure as ignorance was eradicated so would tyranny wither and perish. At the end of his college years in Ateneo, Rizal had believed that he would die young. He foreknew that for this reason his life must be lived to the full. One of the views that Rizal formulated in his life in UST is a person of artistically sensitive restraint. He was also aware that his life was for a purpose with which nothing must interfere, and that of all interferences the most absorbing and the most difficult to keep in place is the love of a woman. In my own opinion, it was during this time that Rizal clearly understood that his life would fall the duty of taking up the Filipino cause.


Rizal Philippine Nationalist and Martyr by Austin Coates

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