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“Communication is a complex process that can be viewed in many ways” (Trenholm, 2008). No matter how complex the process is, “The need for communication is basic. It allows us to form connections and build community by sharing stories” (Trenholm, 2008). People have different motivations for studying communication, there are different benefits to understanding communications, and there are many ways to define communication. In this essay, I will discuss my personal opinions and beliefs of these three topics.

My motivation for studying communication is to better prepare me for my career in Behavioral Science. I believe that understanding communication a necessity when it comes to this career path. Not only will understanding communication benefit me in my professional life, it will also benefit me in my professional life as well. “Communication takes many forms, from the most sophisticated messages to the simplest of conversations. In every case it affects the quality of our lives” (Trenholm, 2008). It will better help me understand my children and using words that will help my children better understand me.

In Table 2.1 in Thinking Through Communication, the definition that is closest to what I believe communication is would be definition 7. “Communication is “the transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc., by the use of symbols-words, pictures, figures, graphs, etc”” (Trenholm, 2008). I believe that not only do we use words to communicate; we can also communicate with symbols, such as pictures and graphs. When we do communicate with “spoken words”, we display ideas, emotions, and skills when doing so.

“Communication is something that surrounds people and holds their world together” (Trenholm, 2008). People have many reasons for studying communication and there is an unlimited amount of benefits to understanding communication and the meaning of it. This essay was my motivation, my benefit, and what fits my personal definition of communication.


Trenholm, S. (2008) Thinking through communication: An introduction to the study of human communication (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education.

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