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Successful failure: The school America builds Essay Sample

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Successful failure: The school America builds Essay Sample

In education, social inequality is structured based on races, social class, learning disabilities and discriminatory based factors. Children who come from poor families or lower social class may fail to access formal schooling (Yosso, 2005). This explains why coloured people are always classified in lower social class than whites. Some schools segregate children with learning disability and different races such as coloured people. Hence, social inequalities are evident in American education system as portrayed by these studies. However, with increasing studies on social in equalities, schools and insinuations are being developed to ensure that children with learning disabilities are empowered as evidenced in Friedner, (2014) studies that elaborate on deaf institutions.

Some anthropologists have studied these differences to understand the social and cultural inequalities in United States. Anthropologists base their research on various narratives documenting inequalities in American education. For example, Varenne, & McDermott, (1998) document how America has failed by failing to build special schools for children with special needs. In addition, they carry out studies in American Schools document how American education system foster social inequalities. Hence, anthropologists portray the system as having poor representation of children.

An ethnographic study that would be community and classroom based would include the study of how parents, children and teachers support learning disabled, backward, and trouble makers children in school in order for them to accept their status. This will help to understand the social production of that is geared towards the children from their peers, teachers and parents.

The narratives could be contested or resisted since they are only based on traditional pedagogies and education system where social and cultural inequalities were inevitable. The narratives could be reframed into narration of social equality through use of critical pedagogy to transform personal or group conscious, which will be critical for empowering learning disabled. In addition, media intervention will help to address cultural and social inequalities in education system where media can be used as teaching pedagogy.


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Varenne, H., & McDermott, R. (1998). Successful failure: The school America builds.

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