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Today’s generation in terms of sexuality is very different. Individuals belong to the third sex, especially the gays, are now starting to fight for their rights as a human being and make names in the industry that could be proud of. Unlike before, they are being discriminated and ashamed by most of the people and couldn‘t see much of their talents and abilities. Here in the Philippines, these kind of incidences is ubiquitous, that can be seen everywhere. People make fun of them and don’t accept them in the society as a normal human endeavour. But still, they do not tolerate those kinds of intrigues and discrimination. Yet, they set it as an inspiration to do better to fulfill their goals and to make a name in the society. There are already many gay personalities who are now successful in different aspects especially in the field of Show business and in the fashion world.

One of them is Boy Abunda, who is a TV host, publicist, talent manager and celebrity endorser. He is known as the “King of Talk” in local show business. He failed to finish Business Management in Ateneo de Manila due to the death of his father. So he left Ateneo and work for different jobs to support himself. Until such a big break in being a public relations consultant turned into a talk show host. Even he is now a successful person, he still wanted to finished his studies. In 2009, he graduated at Philippine Women’s University with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Master of Arts in Communication Arts in 2011.

Maryo J. delos Reyes created his name in the movies industry, wherein he his knowned to be a prestige director. One of his most successful directed movie is the “Magnifico” starring Jiro Manio. He was awarded Best Director for that movie in 2003 Film Academy of the Philippines. He’s not only a good director in movies but also he directs TV shows like Rosalinda, Impostora and others.

Ogie Diaz makes his name in the Show business as a comedian, actor, talent manager, and showbiz news reporter. Due to his perseverance and hardworking, he eventually become an entertainment writer and TV personality. He is also the talent manager of Vice Ganda before. Despite of his sexuality he was able to find love toa female. His wife is Mirasol del Rosario. They had four siblings. He was just an assistant to Christy Fermin until he was also given a big break. He was such a wonderful inspiration.

The recently outstanding comedian, Vice Ganda , “Jose “Bon” Tadios Viceral” in real life makes a great name in the comedy industry. He’s still obtained his college education at Far Eastern University with the degree of Political Science. Coming from an impoverished family doesn’t bring his dream down. At the age of 19, Vice use his talent in writing and performing stand up comic routines in comedy bars to support himself because his mother worked as a caregiver abroad. With the perseverance, hardworking, and other positive attitudes, Vice is in boost of success. A simple stand up comedian turned into a TV host/judge of ABS-CBN’s talent show “Its Showtime” make that a big break to him. He also entered filmography wherein he is the lead star of the remake movie “Petrang Kabayo” and also in music industry, released his first studio album “Vice Ganda Lakas Tama”. Vice is in on going success with a current late night show “Gandang Gabi Vice”.

Lastly, Michael Cinco and Oliver Tolentino already make the cut to be a part of America’s Next Top Model showcasing their outrageous, dramatic, fiercely, incredible couture gowns. Michael Cinco was the first Filipino designer appeared in ANTM16 wherein he was able to dresses the six remaining model contestants of that season. He also gets his second appearance in the All Stars Season of America’s Next Top Model wherein he personally created the gowns of the finalist for the final runway. Allison Harvard and Dominique Reighard are his models for the new launched applauded perfume “Impalpable”. He waa be able to launched that here in the Philippines together with the models. He launched his first menswear couture collection at Taguig City. Oliver Tolentino appears also in ANTM : British Invasion. His designs was used on the first episode of the show.

Being a homosexual is not a hindrance in fulfilling dreams and to become successful in life. Most people say that gays are “SALOT” but these Filipino gays proves that homosexuals are not that bad. They just want the feeling of acceptance of others in the society. I do believe that these mentioned people will serve as an inspiration to the gay community to applaude their own uniqueness and talents as an individual to persue their aspirations in life. I also observed that most of the hardworking and intelligent individuals are those who belong to the third sex. Discrimination to them should be vanished in order for us to live united. Ending up this essay, I’d like to share a piece of advice; “Respect all humanities”.

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