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Suffering In Life Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

If there is meaning in life at all then there must be suffering Life is a gift from God and it definitely has a meaning and a purpose to it. It is agreed that because life has a meaning then surely there must be suffering in it as well. Suffering comes as a test from God and when a person passes through these tests and suffering he learns the wisdom and the depth of the meaning and purpose of life. Without suffering man cannot understand the depth and wisdom behind his life. Many people are given abundant in life as far as monetary means are concerned. These people are responsible to give charity and help the needy and the poor. At times many recognize this importance but there are others who do not.

These people who do not understand this responsibility of theirs can only know its importance and

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necessity once they suffer or go through times when they are in need of help. During sufferings man undergoes a time where he can reflect upon the problems which he is facing. When one faces a particular problem only then can he understand the suffering which other people go through as well. During such times he also comes closer to God. Many people with a religious inclination decrease the distance between themselves and God during times of hardships. Muslims believe that any suffering from God is either a test or punishment.

Their understanding of life is that man was created to worship his Lord and thus through suffering he will understand the meaning of life and will be able to abide by it strictly and sincerely. Christianity shares a little different interpretation but the same conclusion. Christ’s life according to them had a particular meaning and thus with that meaning came the suffering through which the meaning could be fulfilled. They state that “A belief in God plays an important role in transforming suffering” (McGuinness). It is a statement agreed upon that if there is meaning in life then there must be suffering for without suffering the true meaning of life can never be understood.

McGuinness, M. (n.d.). Suffering is a part of life, say counselors. Retrieved Mar. 06, 2006, from http://www.evangelist.org/archive/htm/0213suff.htm.

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