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It is for this reason that the researchers would like to determined if there are any existence of bullying in Sorsogon National High School and if there is, the researchers would like to know if they aware of it.

Specifically, the researchers would like to provide answers for several questions regarding bullying. Also, to know their opinions and reactions about the issue. The researchers would also want to know which among the students of SNHS are victims of bullying, how they are bullied and what is the best solution to prevent bullying to happen.

The conducted studies covers Sorsogon National High School from the seventh grade up to 4th year students because bullying usually happens in teens and severe cases of bullying are reported to happen in school where students are not supervised by parents.

The researchers delimited in this research adults like college students, teachers and parents because the study focuses only on students specifically high school students. The researchers first identify the goal which is to know the existence of bullying. Then the researchers identified the respondents who are students from the 7th grade up to 4th year students in Sorsogon National High School. Then the researchers chose 60 randomly selected students. The researchers decided to have 15 respondents each year level and 5 sections every year level. To make it easier, the researchers chose to make a questionnaire containing 5 close-ended questions. Before the actual survey, the researchers pre-tested the questionnaire to some 3rd year students. For the actual survey the researchers distributed the questionnaire to 15 random students each year level in SNHS. After retrieving back the questionnaire, the researchers tabulated the results of the survey and analyzed the gathered data. Conclusions

Based from the analyzed data, the finding stated that only 45% of the respondents are victims of bullying and majority are through words or verbally. The finding also shows that most of the bullies are their classmates and some are their friends. 63% of the respondents are aware that bullying exist in SNHS and mostly said that the best solution to prevent bullying is reporting it to the authority. Recommendations

Based from the information gathered, bullying happens because some children are exposed to negative actions and as a result, when the child grows up he/she will also do it to others same as what he observed when he was still a child. Teen shows some signs when they are bullied. If you observed that someone suddenly had a change in personality and he refuses to socialize, actions must be taken because some victims chose to end their lives because they think that it’s the best way to end their suffering.

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