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The Wave started with a history class about the Second World War. The history teacher Ben Ross couldn’t answer a question a student asked him. The question was about why the German people didn’t fight Adolf Hitler back. Because of that he went to the library and lent a lot of books about the Nazi regime in Germany. He couldn’t find the answer in the books and thought how he else could give the students the answer. He wanted to the student should self experience the felling the German population had under the Nazi regime. So he started a project at his class. He didn’t tell that the all was a project, but he took few steps further each day.

The Wave become bigger and bigger. The students took The Wave really seriously and some wanted not to be a member of The Wave. Because of the press from the friends they were members. Laurie didn’t agree with The Wave because it has taken her freedom and popularity. She made newspapers that were written bad stuff about The Wave, all that started rumors. Because of the rumors and negative atmosphere at school, the principal called Ben Ross to a meeting. Ben Ross got told that he should stop The Wave. He stopped The Wave with showing the students about Adolf Hitler, so they could the comparison with the Nazi regime on the Second World War. This way he answered the student the question about why they didn’t fight Adolf Hitler back. My reaction to the book

I think the book has been very interesting to read. Many of those things surprised the people then and still does. We say that a regime like the Nazi could happen again, but is has happen again. It hasn’t happened as a big extent like the Nazi, but has still happened. The book is seriously good because is based on a true story from real life. Because it based on a true story, it is an eye opener from me. It does not give me the same feeling if I read a book where the story is made. Many of those things can I relate to my on life. I know many that they would like to live there live, as a member of a group like The Wave. They want to have the feeling about to be a part of something, so they feel safe. The team in the book I relate to it very clearly. I have tried to play on a handball team were the discipline has very low and very high. The difference can I feel very clearly. I prefer to play on a team with high discipline and hard rules, then a team with low discipline and unserious about the sport. In that time I will prefer to live like a member on a group like The Wave. Because it does so we perform much better like a team. The book had done so I have think about all this.

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