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Albert Bundura is a psychologist which is a person that evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and studies behaviour and mental processes. Albert studied and wrote theories on social learning. Social psychology is about understanding individual behaviour in a social context. Social psychology is to do with the way feelings, thoughts, beliefs, intentions and goals are constructed and how such psychological factors, influence our interactions with others. Bundrua’s theory says that people learn new concepts most effectively through imitation, modelling and observation of the actions and behaviours of others, and he demonstrated this during the Bobo doll experiment. The Bobo doll experiment was essentially about getting children to watch an adult act aggressively towards a Bobo doll, children’s behaviour was then measured after seeing the adult being rewarded punished or suffer no consequences for beating up the doll. it shows that children not only learn from being rewarded or punished for their own actions, which is behaviourism, they can learn from watching someone else being rewarded or punished, this is called observational learning.

The important thing to learn is that our behaviour as an adult or teacher can directly affect the child. children will not simply do as we tell them but will do as we do. Modelling as a teaching tool which is very effective for teachers and parents. When students observe an adult performing a new skill while describing it, they are apt to learn the skill more quickly. Bandura included some specific conditions in his theory that must exist for social learning to occur. For social learning to be successful, the learner must do the following: pay attention to the modelled behaviour or action; be able to retain or remember the behaviour or action; be able to repeat the behaviour or action without prompting; and be motivated enough to want to demonstrate what they have learned.

To implement this practice as a teaching assistant I would try to lead by example for insistent to teach a child to say please and thank you, it is important that I always say please and thank you and ensure that the children know and understand why I say please and thank you, I would ask the children to give examples of when to say please and thank you. I would monitor them to ensure to use please and thank you without being prompted and to ensure proper motivation I would reward them.

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