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1.1 Accessing a range of community services and facilities can be beneficial to an individual’s well being and can have significant impact on self-esteem, personal identity and development whilst supporting goals and outcomes the individual has identified. These opportunities allow people to take part and have involvement in things they previously thought where impossible.

1.2 There are a wide range of barriers an individual may incur that can restrict access to services and/or facilities. Barriers tend to fall into four categories: Environmental: lack of ramps, disabled access/toilets, lifts, high risk locations. Communication: no translators, lack of loop system, poor communication skills, lack of information or publicity about the service / facilities. Psychological: fear or anxiety, lack of confidence, unfamiliarity. Financial cost: anticipated cost, actual cost

1.3 & 1.4 As a support worker I start by gathering as much information as possible about the services or facilities, then the issues, risks and hazards get assessed before creating a plan alongside the individual to help overcome discrimination and barriers. It is important to challenge information about services that present barriers to participation and inclusion so that the service is aware and is challenged to make changes and adaptations when and where needed in order to ensure their service is accessible & fully inclusive. A few examples are: interpreters for language barrier, disability access adjustments, loop systems, funding, transport, equipment and aids, reassurance/1-1 support.

2.1 Observation
2.1 Observation
2.3 Observation

3.1 In the case of Mrs C she had identified she would like to use one of the physio gyms I had identified. We then identified which one of the local gyms to attend and how 1: they have the equipment there for her to exercise and is it safe? Yes 2. route planning so she knows where she is going? Yes as I have taken her there so she is familiar with the route and printed a visual map. 3. staff support if needed or not?Yes as she may need the extra support 4: days and times of availability? Mon-sat 8am -5pm. 5: risk assessment? Completed, explained, signed and understood by Mrs C so she understands associated risks and dangers.

3.2 Observation

3.3 By using P.C.P’s as a base for basic needs and wants, meeting with the individual, risk assessment and reviews

4.1 Observation
4.2 Observation
4.3 Observation

4.4 I started with an observation of Mrs C at the gym then during Mrs C 1-1 activate review she explained she really enjoys attending the gym, she has found traveling easy, their equipment is good and adequate, she gets along with other members of public who use the gym and has had no issues They do not have a water fountain and that is the one issue she does have with the gym. Mrs C also stated that she finds exercising hard. Outside of the water issue Mrs C is satisfied with the service and facilities and is happy with the support provided from us and the facility.

The changes that where made where the amount of days she attends from 3days to 2 days, I suggested she attends 2x a week instead of attending 3x a week as she currently is finding hard so this method allows her body more time to recover until her fitness levels increase then she can start to attend more often. She tried this and has now agreed to this as she has seen the positive effect. The other adjustment she has now made is to carry a bottle of water with her to the gym. * Have I supported her to evaluate the service and the support? Yes. * Has the service facility met her needs and preferences? Yes. * Has she been supported to provide feedback?

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