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Support positive risk taking for individuals Essay Sample

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Support positive risk taking for individuals Essay Sample

1.1Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life Risks are an important part of everyday life as without doing risk assessments and preventing the risk an accident will happen. 1.2Explain why individuals may have been discouraged or prevented from taking risks.

Bill has recently come into care due to having a fall, he walks with a zimmer frame and likes to be independent. Due to bill having a fall a risk assessment has been done and explained to him to prevent an accident.

1.3Describe the links between risk taking and responsibility, empowerment and social inclusion

Sometimes we all have to take risks to get what we really want. It’s a part of living a full life. Supporting individuals to take risks to do what they have chosen to do is part of a person centred way of working.

This is about asking the person, reading their file and speaking to others about the individual’s background, and what their preferences, wishes and needs are.

This begins with a focus on who the person is, their gifts and skills. By offering a positive vision of success, the approach can enable people to manage risk.

2.1Explain the process of developing a positive person
A person centred approach seeks to focus on people’s rights to have the lifestyle that they chose, including the right to make ‘bad’ decisions. Person Centred Approaches; keeping the person at the centre, treating family and friends as partners, a focus on what is important to the person, an intent to build connections with the community, being prepared to go beyond conventional service options, and continuing to listen and learn with the person. 2.2Explain how to apply the principles and methods of a person.

2.3explain how a service focused approach to risk assessment would differ from a person.
A person centered approach seeks to focus on people’s rights to have the lifestyle that they chose, including the right to make ‘bad’ decisions. The approach described here uses person centered thinking tools, to help people and those who care about them most think in a positive and productive way about how to ensure that they can achieve the changes they want to see while keeping the issue of risk in its place. This in essence is a process to gather, in partnership with the person, the fullest information and evidence to demonstrate that we have thought deeply about all the issues involved. Decisions are then guided by what is important to the person, what is needed to keep them healthy and safe and on what the law says.

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