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Supporting Evidence Essay Sample

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Supporting Evidence Essay Sample

1.| The thesis of chapter one is how Gladwell proves the coming to success of the elite hockey players are majority ones born in the months of January, February, or March. They explain how their age and being born around that time of the year gives them advantages and most born earlier don’t have a big chance of making it to the big leagues. | * The roster of the Czech Republic’s hockey team, and displaying their birthdays. * The observations of the different abilities of each player based on when they were born and determined also that their maturity level is different than those younger. * That success in hockey is based on individual merit” but yet their birthdays impact the future of their careers.

* There were no “naturals”.| 2.| In this chapter psychologists observe that real greatness comes from the amount of time on practice hours you put in. They came to a conclusion of when you accumulate a total of 10,1000 hours of practice by the time of your career you have reached the goal and are very successful. Or also proven that artist that have reached the peek of their fame when their practices have added to a total of 10,000 hours in their whole career. | * How Bill gates and The Beatles roughly put in 10 years of time that added up to an equivalence of 10,000 hours of hard practice until they finally reached the peek of their success.

* They got three groups of elite violinists from the start students to those just “good” and those who were unlikely to play professional, and those star student added on hours of practice as they grew and did become professional, by the time they were twenty they had the 10,000 hours of practice, and those in the “good” group only had about 6,000 and the unlikely to be professional only had about 4,000 hours of practice put in.| 3.| The thesis of chapter three is how Christopher Langan has one of the highest recorded IQS in history. But described how he was a failure in his personal life, he lacked charisma; I’d say it was do to his rough upbringings. It was said that success is not a function of hard work or even genius but more the ability to be liked and ability to understand, his family background impacted a lot of his future.

| * In the end of Terman’s tracking of the children it showed almost none of the genius children from the lowest socio-economic class became famous. * Gladwell pointed how family background mattered in this case. * The last 25 Americans to receive Nobel Prizes, have came from high reputation schools but also not so prestige. So basically to win a Nobel Prize you have to be smart enough to be admitted into a college as good as Notre Dame. | 4.| The thesis of this chapter is that not just because you have a vast intelligence means everything will be your way. Its about they way you express your power, and a dominating personality.| * Langan was a great student but he had a very bad childhood and struggled growing up and he always just wanted to study and so things got complicated and one day his mom didn’t * sign a financial aid by a deadline and so they took his scholarship away and he didn’t do Anything about it, he just stopped studying.

* But Oppenheimer he was also as smart and he had a very persuasive an dominant personality and can get anyone on his side, he tried poisoning his tutor and all he got was a probation an got a psychiatrist. | 5.| The thesis for chapter five is that you don’t always succeed through your abilities but through your origins. | * There were three lessons for Joe Flom; they were to have the right culture, because it was argued that his culture played a big role in getting him where he got as a lawyer at the time of the circumstances. His other two were having demographic luck and the right family history. | 6.| Chapter six talks about how there was an unusual pattern of family feuds because of the origin of the townspeople. Where they had a culture of honor.| * How a farmer’s existence depends on their partnership with others.

* A herder needs to defend his animals, as they are much more independent. | 7.| There was a theory in the 80s and 90s about Korean Air’s planes having frequent plane crashes. They came up about how having different cultures have a big impact on communication, especially when flying an airplane, and how English is a universal language. | * Gladwell explains about how the different levels of “mitigated speech”. * Also about something about power distance index, where it measures how much a society respects authority, referring to today, and how employees talk to their boss.

* Korean’s re-trained their pilots by using English to communicate with crew members. | 8.| Asians are said to excel in math because of their rice planting culture, it apparently aggrandizes hard work and endurance. | * A rice paddy is described to require an extent amount of work. It has to be irrigated, dikes need to be properly constructed to channel the water properly and at a good amount. Clay floor has to be built, on top is a layer of mud and the clay floor has to be able to let the water drain properly, they need the right amount of fertilizers, and fields need to be fertilized constantly. They first put the seedlings into a nursery and then put into the paddy, and they weed by hand, its said to be very hard work.

* Stated that the Chinese culture creates hard work that is less clear in other cultures. This is the culture that transmits the value of hard work to its people. That is what is said to create the common stereotype of the Asian student who stays long nights in their university’s library and is the last one to leave. | 9.| Enrolling your child in KIPP charter schools, they will spend more time on work and will have better understanding and scores of what they had before. | * By 8th grade 84% of them perform as well at math as privileged kids from high-income families. * In Bronx, only 16% of middle school students are preforming at or above their grade level in math. | OverAll thesis.| Hard work is severe to success; in the book Gladwell claims successful people had just happened to be lucky to be in the right place and just the right time, but with all the equivalence of 10,000 hours of hard practice.

| * The elite hockey players and them being born in January through March. * The elite musicians that have put in 10,000 hours of hard practice throughout their career. * Bill Gates spending 10,000 hours on computers, and he too reached success. * The Beatles added up to also 10,000 hours of hard practice and performances and they reached he peak of their career. * Langan and his extremely high IQ score. * Asians being smarter because they have more discipline in hard work, and more time spent in school. |

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