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Supreme Mathematics Essay Sample

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Supreme Mathematics Essay Sample

1. Knowledge-the sum of what is known. knowledge is facts, awareness or familiarity gained by doing the knowledge. Who is knowledge? It symbolizes the black man. When can you knowledge? Anytime. Where? Everywhere. How is knowledge gained? Through study, learning, listening, trial and error, observing, reflection 2. Wisdom-who is wisdom? Symbolizes the woman. What is wisdom? Wisdom is wise actions, ways and words. Good judgment and discernment gained through experience. The ability to act or use knowledge. Where is wisdom? In/on the field, you gotta gain/exemplify it through action and experience. Why?shows growth. How? Trial and error. A wise man is shown through his words, ways and actions. Speak better, do better, eat better, etc. 3. Understanding: what is understanding? Comprehension. Clarity. 4. Culture/Freedom-characteristic knowledge, langauge. values, behaviors, attitudes and habits. Lifestyle. Way of life. Why culture? Culture is important so that you establish a strong foundation. Your culture is the foundation that will sink or sustain you. How? Educate and civilize. Cultivate a way of life. Collective customs.

To cultivate through education. Freedom is living without restraints. Being able to learn, grow and develop. the ability to decide one’s own actions and decisions. The free person is the one that lacks restraints. You can become free by taking time out to examine what you know or what you have and make sure that everything was consciously chosen or designed by you. 5. Power-truth. Alignment with truth . force or creative energy. 6. Equality-having balance. Sharing Access. Dealing equally with all. Uniformity in quality. 7. God- the supreme being. The black man. Allah. Creator and ruler of the universe 8. Build or Destroy- to add or take away. To elevate, to grow and develop. to form. order. To increase or strengthen. Construct. To progress. To destroy is to tear down or break up. To kill. Ruin. Deconstruct. 9. Born- to manifest or bring in existence. Bring forth. Resulting or arising. 0. Cipher- any person, place or thing. Completion.

1/knowledge.Allah: God. The Supreme Being. The Black man
2/wisdom. Be or Born: To exist. To have life or reality. To continue or remain as before. Born is to create, bring into existence mentally or
physically 3/understanding. Cee/See
4/culture/freedom. Divine or Destroy. Divine is godlike. Having the nature of or being a deity. Supremely good or beautiful. Magnificent. Superhuman. To know by intuition, reflection. 5/power. Equality

6/equality. Father- To father mentally as well as physically. To father means to further, to further ones physical and mental development by way of proper education—history and proper nutrition—diet, the proper foods 7/god. God

8/build or destroy: Him or Her: man or boy /her is woman or girl. A female person or animal 9/born/I-one’s self. The self, the ego.
10/knowledge cipher/Justice- This is the Divine balance of the universe. It is the reward or penalty for one’s ways and actions. Quality of being just. Righteousness. Alignment with moral righteousness. 11/knowledge knowledge/King or Kingdom- a male sovereign. One that is supreme or preeminent. Ruler of a kingdom. Kingdom-an area of activity, esp mental activity, considered as being the province of something specified. The domain in which something is dominant. The domain ruled by a king or queen. 12/knowedge wisdom/Love Hell or Right- kingdom You would go through hell to make what you love right. Daily we are given the opportunity to love Hell or Right. It is the crossroad one faces each and every day. When you chose to love Hell, you accept your hellish predicament in life. If you chose to love Right, then you are blessed with the good that is returned for your right actions (Karma = what goes around comes back around/you reap what you sow). Also L stands for a 90 degree right angle in mathematics. Hell is any place of torment or misery

13/knowledge understanding/Master-to both know and understand. One who knows and understands. Highly skilled or proficient. To overcome. A teacher. An artist of consummate skill. 14/knowledge culture/Now, Nation or End-now is the present, end is the conclusion, nation is a group of civilized people 15/knowledge power/O-cipher

16/knowledge equality/Power
17/knowledge god/Queen-a woman with k.o.s.
18/knowledge build or destroy/Rule or Ruler- To rule is the nature of the Black man, for the reason being that to rule means to be a ruler. The Black man was not made to be ruled because the Black man’s knowledge must build in order to make all things known. Rule is to rule something wisely the way the king does because he gives it to the understanding. Rules are given to those who are living a righteous way of life and those rules are given by the king who is Allah god is the only ruler there is, by acknowledging his building powers and making it born to all the planets of the universe, so that they can go according to it and bear witness to who the true ruler is 19/knowledge born/Self or Savior-self is one’s own being, their total being, essence. savior is one that saves, rescues or delivers others from harm or danger. 20/wisdom cipher/Truth or Square- Truth means without any lies. Conformity to fact or actuality. 2. A statement proven to be or accepted as true.

3. Sincerity; integrity.

Square is something you firmly believe. Honest; direct. Having all accounts settled; even. Characterized by blocklike solidity or sturdiness

21/wisdom knowledge/Universe- The sphere or realm in which something exists or takes place. everything stated or assumed in a given discussion. All matter and energy 22/wisdom wisdom/Victory- Victory will come only after the war which will give Man hisFreedom(e), Justice and Equality. 23/wisdom understanding/Wisdom

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