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Surreal Lie Essay Sample

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Surreal Lie Essay Sample

Her skin pulsated with anticipation as his masculinity caressed her modestly refined skin. Feeling rebellious to morals as she became increasingly please by the violation of her timid body. She grew aware of her exposed glands, as the sweat secreted her awakening body. Her distinction between dream and reality had now overlapped causing her to mimic actions taking place in her fantasies. She was soon to be interrupted and snapped suddenly into reality. Tugging at the sheets as she covered her exposed breasts. Her heavy breathing diverted her attention away from what diverted her from the surreal realm.

The tapping grew louder as the voice became recognisable, B-R-A-N-D-Y finger-tipped into the window left no other suspect. “Wake up! Girl its 8:15” her best friends Crystals face and torso was sprawled across Brandy’ window. Brandy was startled giving in to Crystal and her intentions and leapt for her oversized t-shirt draped over her cream chair facing her dressing mirror. “Come on Brandy” teasing Brandy’ pathetic act, “I mean there is nothing to hide, Brandy in the nude” she took a deeper look in through the condensation on the window “Joel’ a lucky guy. ”

Brandy giggled throwing her ‘Roots’ t-shirt on “Girl, how is it going? Eager and ready I see” as the window was pulled up letting Crystal in, “Like usual” as she finished the struggle into brandy’ room. “Brandy, as you figure out why you look so rough this morning I’m going to make you and I some pancakes, mine are the best sweetheart trust me. ” Brandy took a seat in front of the mirror knowing she didn’t look that bad ‘Make pancakes? ‘ Brandy asked herself. Brandy was starting to inspect her reflection not realising how increasingly fascinated she was becoming by her facial reflection.

Spell binding deep hazel eyes a portray of her depth in character, deep thoughts like the density of the Amazon and feeling not suited for the front she puts out to the world and Joel. Brandy’ smile was sinking after Crystal’ proposal, her discreet smile highlighting her soft rubescent lips but piercing sharp corners. Her aquiline shoulders just sitting short of her mid-length dark brown hair moulded her shapeless t-shirt. Crystal abruptly interrupted opening the room door asking where’ Brandy’ mum “not a clue, anyway how are those pancakes coming on? this was the best way Brandy thought of to change the subject, although obvious it worked.

“Erm you know what, I’m not hungry, besides why slave over the stove when Tim Horton’s will do it half price before nine. ” Brandy was convinced Crystal worked for them with the numerous plugs she gives, “Is that a new line of adverts for old Timmy then? ” Brandy then added, “Thought you would resort to that restaurant” As she gathered her clothes. She thought she was ready but Crystal shoved her into the chair for make-up, she didn’t need it much.

As they approached the classroom door they paused looked at each other’s and realised the long semester ahead. “Brandy baby girl! Thought I’d come early” she was smiling, he went on “well after the last semester I’ve to do all I can this year. ” Brandy’ boyfriend Joel was bright and chirpy accompanying the sunny autumn morning, though this usual greeting was mockingly jolly Joel was truly happy to see Brandy. “Your mum answered when I called yesterday, she told me she’ going away for a few days” Joel’s tone decreased a few decibels and adopted a sympathetic tone. That’s the least of my concerns” Brandy sighed while turning towards her seat “well we all know why you know and I don’t” Brandy childishly murmured.

Joel was disgusted but not surprised “Brandy! ” he went serious and said “we need to talk anyway. ” Joel wasn’t new to Brandy’s erratic changes when her mum was mentioned, he was conscious of her jealousy but didn’t acknowledge it as a substantial part to Brandy’ all time low. Joel was distracted throughout the lesson and thought of ways to put his feelings into words, this kept him thinking until break-time where he walked over to Brandy who was sat on a bench occupied by only her and diary. Brandy, how you doing? ” his question was rhetorical and was aided with a kiss, but Brandy replied “Fine. ”

It wasn’t convincing. “Okay, well you know where this is going, don’t you? ” there was no reply; Joel didn’t have this planned well. He went on “Well, I don’t think this can work. ” He paused to look up at Brandy’ face, her face remained expressionless as she held back the tears and watched her diary leaves sway in the breeze as if not concerned by the news. Joel began to get worked up “You don’t trust me, not even with your mum” he paused “this isn’t a one way conversation Brandy, are you not going to reply? “Well is there anything to say? ” she was interrupted, “How do you feel? Anything, just something. ”

“I feel the same as I did before class. ” She couldn’t hold it any longer the tears rolled down her cheeks and preventing this now seemed pointless, she avoided this talk for weeks and now its happened. Joel held her “I’m sorry” her now saw she felt something but it was now over. Brandy got home and started scribbling through the diary it ended with ‘I’ve lost so much, I long for someone to care like he did. She fell asleep after a long stare into the heavens and was comforted by her dreams as she often was.

She took the day off the morning after. She felt suicidal, she needed someone to care, give her the attention she needed. She wasn’t devious or vindictive but at this point she’d do anything for someone to care, Crystal didn’t even call round. She thought of running away, but she knew this wouldn’t gain her any extra attention. Instead of hanging around she went swimming and was at the leisure centre until 5:30, by this it was dark out and the back streets wasn’t too friendly.

She could hear footsteps behind her mimicking her every step, she diverted to her left but the footsteps followed speeding up as she did. The footsteps closed in behind her and as she ran it lost its civilised rhythmic patterns and scrambled down the heavily rubbished ally, the palm of this person gripped her shoulder, she screamed as she opened her eyes and the four walls became familiar. She reached for her diary, inspired by her dream she was going to lie that she’d been raped.

The next morning followed, her weekend commenced with a scheduled swim, she left the baths at 5 and nighttime was approaching hence the darkness. She kept on reciting her dream and she slightly feared the walk home but she didn’t take the shortcut. This was a perfect opportunity; she jogged home and speeded up to a light run. Her mum was at home with her new boyfriend this was oblivious to Brandy, She rushed the keys to open the door and was crying on her mums shoulders who was shocked by the greeting, “What’s up my girl? your crying?

I’m here now, sorry I’m not around. ” Brandy sobbed, “It’s not that. ” Her mum repeated, “what is it? ” with frustration yet sympathy she asked “is it Joel? ” Brandy ended the questions, “I’ve been raped mum. ” Brandy’s mums frustration came to anger, “By Joel? ” her mum pushed her away by this point to see her face as she answered, “No” brandy was shocked that her mum even suggested this. “Fucking hell, I promised this would never happen to you after me! ” she wiped the table clean out of fury and brought her elbow down to the table and held her face in her hands.

Brandy didn’t acknowledge what her mum said and ran up the stairs in the realisation of what she’d just done. Five minutes later a car pulled up south of Brandy’s window. A casually dressed man stepped in through the front door and looked up to the top of the stairs where Brandy stood motionless on-looking at this intimidating figure like a man from her dreams. Keeping his eyes on Brandy while talking to his mum he said, “This is your daughter I take it. ” His tone was very formal. His voice was enough to shatter Brandy’s lies.

She sweated beneath her fleeced sweater, she felt exposed and vulnerable, there was no getting out of this now the inspector was going to show her for who she really was. She was more worried about everyone knowing her fragile nature, which needed attention. “Now tell us the story” as he sighed to take a seat, this was only business and he had no passion for the case at hand. His eyes then analysed Brandy’s face she tried to look beyond his face, beyond the lancination of his eyes.

The room was filled with silence and adopted a courtroom feel, and like the strongly objected lawyer Brandy stood up, “You can’t look at me like that! ” she looked at her mum who was tearful “Tell him mum” his eyes seemed to have become the centre point of the room, the interrogation continued with no dialect exchanged “No! Stop! ” she sat back and closed her eyes, “I li… ” Before the short sentence of ‘I lied’ was completed she opened her eyes sweating with blurred vision, she looked around, “Brandy! it was Crystals voice, “I heard about Joel” Brandy looked up at her sympathetic face, she was confused, she looked around as Crystals voice became blurry.

“Joel! You know what I mean? Hey there’s more sexy fishes in the sea” The librarian walked over, “We’re closing in five minutes my dears. ” “Huh? ” “You fell asleep my dear, thought I’d better not disturb. ” Brandy started thinking more clearly she looked up at the librarian “I just feel real tired” she gathered her books and put them into her rucksack, as she slung it over her back she sighed and looked down at her seat.

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