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Moments of crisis can represent an opportunity, given that fact that they allow for the cleansing of ideas and behavior, through a process of discernment, becoming a primordial opportunity to implement the so called Sustainable Development. The moments of tension may arise in different configurations; in fact, tension is everywhere and its part of the human condition. Only a correct judgment will be able to turn it into an opportunity for Sustainable Development, otherwise it would compromise heavily the common good. The Index of Human Development classifies Norway as a country with a better quality of life. According to the index’s criteria, such rating is only possible in a country with a great approximation to the Oikonomic paradigm (home management with the common wealth in mind). The following investigation has as it’s goal to dwell further into the way how tension in the norwegian development process has been harmonized, since the day it became independent, up until the present day, so that it becomes possible for us to understand how close it stands to the concept of Oikonomy.

In order to answer the question, we organize our investigation into eight chapters, those corresponding to three parts. In the first one we will proceed to the historic analysis of national values, culture, resource management, with a highlight on the contribution that they had in the history of sustainable development. In the second part, we will investigate one of the most appointed factors as a reason for success – oil, in a way so that we’ll be able to identify which are the real responsibilities of resources in Sustainable Development. On the third part, we highlight the tensions addressed, mainly the inherent to the Oil Industry. Harmonic growth requires tension, faces difficulties and demands a certain level of corruption; the challenge consists in reducing them to minimum levels so that it is bearable by the Sustainable Development.

Therefore, the “green” growth or development, demands a balance between matter and perennial values, between politics and economy (oikonomy), which is the same as saying between desire and responsibility. Do we have in the case of Norway, a proximity to this (once again) new paradigm of development? The study of the actors and the dynamics of Sustainable Development, in the way tension is managed, will show how the so called “sustainable process of solution formulation” may result in a political instrument, of efficient implementation in Sustainable Development in a given area.

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