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The extremely complex structure of Absalom, Absalom! presents a challenge for any reader of William Faulkner’s. The story changed from narrator to narrator, past to present, unfolding in an unfamiliar way, as the story is told then retold. The pieces must be put together as the story continues on. Thomas Sutpen was “the puzzled boy (who) is turned away from the plantation door by the livered servant,” shaping Sutpen’s life, and ultimately his design. This design affected not only Sutpen’s life, but Charles’ and Judith’s as well. When Sutpen was turned away at the front door of Pettibone’s estate, the story begins. The way Supten felt after his experienced was powerful enough to change his life forever. The reader learns of this event in his childhood, where young Sutpen learned that society could base human worth on material worth. It marked the start of his design.

Sutpen’s design consisted of becoming a rich and powerful family patriarch, it shaped his life as time became the enemy and everything in the way would be replaced. Sutpen had worked on a plantation in Haiti as an overseer and, was offered the hand of Eulalia Bon, who gave birth to Charles, the son Sutpen needed in his design. Sutpen had not known that Eulalia was part of the African American race until after the marriage and birth of Charles. When he found out he had been deceived, he proclaimed the marriage as invalid and left his wife and child. Leaving his wife and child didn’t only change the course of Sutpen’s design, but Charles’ life as well. Charles’ life was created to destroy Sutpen’s design.

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