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A System Analyst studies the current system to help him/her to see which adjustments and improvements can be made. For this to happen, the System Analyst needs to analyse many documents. The purpose of a document analysis is to gather as much as information about the current system (e.g. if system is running efficiently) so that the new system will not have the current system problems.

There are several inputting methods on the current system in the resort. For the data to be stored, the forms and documents must be filled in. The data can be stored either by paper or be on the computer. The system analyst must check the documents so no faults can appear on how the data is inputted.

The five of the main documents that the systems analyst will have considered is:

Booking Details Document: This will contain data on rooms that are booked, rooms that are free, the room prices and rooms which are reserved for Off Peak/ Peak seasons.

Room Details Document: This data will be on the computer because of the many rooms the resort can provide. Singe/Double bed rooms and ‘Premium View’ rooms; details of these rooms will be provided in this document. This document will also contain the charges for the ‘Room Service’.

Skiing Lessons Document: This document will show the pricing of the lessons, for child and adult. Also this document will contain criteria of the skiing levels for trained customers. Details of lessons (time and date) will show on this document.

Invoice Document: This will have details of the customer, what the customer has purchased and any extra items charged on the rooms. This will have details on the prices of each items, it will show VAT price and the total price for all items and lessons that are booked.

Recorded Sales Documents: This document has details and records of all rooms purchased during the past year. The data that is shown on this document can help the resort manager to estimate how many rooms he should keep open or even build new rooms.

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