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1. Use Case Diagram

2. Brief Use Case Description
Use Case Name Create Account
Brief Description Customer wants to access the Nerd Shop online shopping system which requires a log on. Customer opens web page, clicks create new account, fills in personal information and clicks create account

Use Case Name Add book to wishlist
Brief Description Customer wants to add books to a wishlist. when logged in; customer searches for a book, selects a book then clicks on add to wishlist

Use Case Name Cancel order
Brief Description Customer no longer wants the books he ordered. customer logs in, goes to previous orders, selects the order they want to cancel then clicks on cancel order

Use Case Name Check previous transactions
Brief Description Customer wants to view a previous transaction they made. customer logs in, goes to my account and then view previous orders.

Use Case Name Check recent orders
Brief Description Management want to see if there are any orders waiting to be processed. management logs in, goes to pending orders

Use Case Name Answer Customer Queries
Brief Description Management wants to reply

back to customer queries. management logs in, clicks on customer queries, selects a query and clicks

reply then send

Use Case Name Check daily sales
Brief Description Management wants to keep track of daily sales figures. management logs in, clicks report, daily sales then generate report.

Use Case Name Lookup book
Brief Description Customer wants to search for a book. customer logs in to the website and types the name of book and author in the search field. 3. Full Use Case Description

Use Case No: 1
Use case name Purchase Book
Scenario Purchase new text book
Triggering event Customer needs to get text book for their subject Brief description Customer wants to purchase new book for Uni Actors Customer
Related use case User creates account
Stake holders Customer, Accounts
Preconditions User must have a log on
Post condition N/A
Flow of activities Customer System
1. Customer goes to log on to Nerd Shop website2. Enters Username and Password3. Customer searches for a book4. click add to cart5.Customer clicks purchase books6. Enter Payment information 1.1. displays login page2.1. Verifies user credentials3.1. Displays search results5.1. Displays Payment options6.1. Verify payment information6.2. Process Payment6.3. Display purchase confirmation Exception Conditions N/A

Use Case No: 1
Use case name Add New Book
Scenario Management wants to add new book to website
Triggering event New book arrives in store
Brief description Management wants to add a new book to the online store Actors Management
Related use case NA
Stake holders Management, Customers
Preconditions Management must have a staff log on
Post condition NA
Flow of activities Management System
1. Management opens Nerd Shop website 2. Clicks on staff log on 3. Enters username and password 4. Clicks add new book 5. Enters book information 6. Clicks confirm 1.1. Displays home page2.1. Displays Staff log on page3.1. Verifies login details6.1. adds book to database6.2. Confirms new book added Exception Conditions NA

4. Activity Diagram

5. System Sequence Diagram

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