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In the history of written art, some of the authors and poets took the lead and pushed literature beyond its borders. Some was known well and included in cannon some was not known. Either way, these pioneers’ contribution to art is undeniable. Thomas Stearns Elliot was a mortal poet but his works are immortal. I know this sentence has strong meaning and may regarded as nonsense, but at the end I’m sure this duality will disappear and there will be no confusion about his power of creating a life with words. I want to call him literary god. Because as I say, he had the power of creating things with words. If my essay was about his poems this page would have not been enough. As I said our topic is not about his poems, it’s about his critical reception.

In the course of literary history some movements emerged out of need for new ways of expression. Some of them were great, stroke like a lightning, some was perfect like a statue but had no life in it and some based on illusions and natural images. Whether we like it or not they were created by great men. This pops a question in our mind. If someone hates Metaphysical poetry, should he act like it didn’t exist at all? Lucky for us this question was answered by Eliot. He said a poet is not an individual who is separate from the rest of literary history. This statement is the very essence of his essay, traditional bounds should exist he said but he warned us about mere copying of some ancient or medieval poet. He was right of course, because one simply can’t deny entire literary history and attempt to create a poem! This is just a fool’s errand! Personally, I’m not a great fan of 18th century poetry or theatre but if I attempt to write a play I would examine every milestone in theatre which includes some of the Dryden’s plays which I don’t like much. But it was there before me. I can’t deny its existence.

T.S Eliot was a great man because he united every movement’s essential pieces. Only his ideas on spontaneity are disturbing because I value experimental things as well as classical art. I guess he didn’t approve Romantic way of life that’s way he was babbling about spontaneity. That’s not important, because he was everything that criticism needed.

This time I don’t see necessity to sum up my thoughts because he did on behalf of me, you, every human being on planet. What a critic he was. T.S Eliot was literally a literary god…

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