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We chettiars have travelled to other countries like Burma, Malaysia in the early age’s infact my great grandpa worked in Malaysia his whole life before he returned to India. We are also well known as good mathematicians, since we are so specialised in accounts. Our people also made a big achievement by having a good position in India, representing the chettiars by showing everyone what we can do. For example: The great Tamil poet: Kaviarasar Kannadasan, the finace minister of india, P.Chidambaram and last but not the least, the famous AVM productions was found by a chettiar named A.V.Meiyappan chettiar from karaikudi. We can see that in india we made countless achivements. By looking back at our history it sure makes me very proud From being in 75 places we developed ourselves by going all over the world. Ever where we go we could see nagarathars in the country: Australia, New Zealand, America, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and all over the world. Even though this is a big accomplishment, did you see that we nagarathars who used to be so close to each other spreading away from each other without ourselves knowing?

Even though we created sangams in different places, we should all get together to know each other more across the countries. Every one of us know that there are nagarathars across the world, but do we really know them? For this, we can to create something that requires all of us around the world. For instance, a website for all the nagarathars in the world, where we can proudly present our achievements to the rest of the world, that way we can know each other. We can also create a private group for nagarathars in Facebook, where every nagarathar above the age of thirteen should be in the group, or we can add each other and video chat through Skype. Networking and internet is a one great way for us to get together.

Another great way for us to unite is through meeting each other every certain years in a certain place and having a manadu for all over the world, even if we are already doing it in our country, we might as well as take one little step and do this too! It will be like Olympics, people coming all over the world but instead of versing each other for medals, we can verse each other and have fun by getting to know each other. This can take place in India, every one of us going back to our 75 villages! Even if it sounds like a big deal, it’s worth a try and a great way for knowing each other. There are great ways to connect, the ways listed above are all worth a try. I hope this article is very influenticial and can find its way to connect nagarathars all over the world cause it great knowing each other. Just adding more people to our family!

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