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Talent Management Samsung Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

We held our first career forum in 2009. Science and engineering students were invited to the Samsung Electronics premises to get a glimpse into our organizational culture and career vision and to gain information related to recruitment. We plan to hold a global career forum in 2010 for a wider range

of potential applicants including
foreign students studying in
Korean universities and students
aspiring to a career in sales and
Career Forum

Recruiting Process
New employees are recruited through a number of channels, one of which is our internship program. University students may choose from the college internship program, under which they work for nine weeks during the school term or vacation. Another option is the 16-week industry-academia program whereby students come to work during the school year. Among the 3,624 new recruits in 2009 who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, 812 were picked through the internship schemes. We also cooperate with academic institutions in offering curriculum in technology pertaining to Samsung Electronics (handset, semiconductor equipment).

•Career Forum

•Recruiting Process

The Global Scholarship Program (GSP) allows Samsung Electronics to select outstanding young people around the world and nurture them into future leaders of our operations. Since 2006, a total of 90 people have taken part in GSP and 51 of the participants have become employees of Samsung Electronics.

Submission of



Decision of

Physical exam


•Internship Process
Submission of


*SSAT: Samsung Aptitude Test




Final interview


•First Career Forum: Targeting science/engineering majors in 20

universities in Korea 1,800 people attended
over three days
•Second Career Forum: Targeting science/engineering, arts and design majors in 24 universities in Korea
1,021 people attended over two days

Global Scholarship Program (GSP)

* GSP: A program under which outstanding talent from various countries are chosen to enroll in the MBA program at Seoul National University and Sungkyunkwan University. After receiving their MBA, they move on to work at Samsung Electronics under an exchange scheme.

Recruiting Female Employees

Samsung Electronics does not discriminate against job applicants based on academic and/or regional background, gender, age,
religion and race. We offer equal opportunity to all individuals according to their capabilities.

•Ratio of Female Employees

Recruiting and Retaining International

Another aspect of our global drive is increasing the number of overseas employees stationed in Korea. We operate a global help desk (GHD) to assist these personnel and their families adjust to life in Korea.








>95,636 95,726 44,225

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style="text-align: justify;">66,064





Female as % of Total

Respecting Minority Employees
Samsung Electronics also does its best to create job opportunities for the disabled and elderly workers. In 2009, the ratio of disabled employees in our workforce rose by 0.1%p year-on-year to 0.7% (576 employees) and the Gumi Plant hired persons over 55 years of age on a contract basis.

(Unit: persons, %)


(Unit: persons, %)


Samsung Electronics is a global organization in which locally hired employees comprise 46% of the total workforce. We continue to increase locally hired employees in the production, R&D and sales functions. In line with our global perspective, we also appoint locally recruited senior managers with outstanding performance to executive positions based in Korea. Currently, there are seven overseas executives based in Korea. Local talent will continue to serve as an important pool of future global leaders who transcend national borders.

•Ratio of Overseas Employees

In line with our ongoing efforts to promote women in the workplace, the number of female employees at Samsung Electronics in 2009 increased by 40.1% compared to 2007. During the same period, women as a percentage of all managers rose from 5.3% to 7.5%.

















Overseas as % of total

What truly made Samsung to continue its growth in the middle of rapid global economic changes and challenging industry trends were our people. European HR Director

Richard David Pibworth

Employees consider Samsung to be a global company, especially in process from the stage of R&D right through to commercialization. terms of revenue, brand value and market share etc. We are proud to However, the Company’s rapid growth over the past few years has work in a company that has demonstrated such outstanding success in meant that it has been necessary to hire large numbers of new all regions of the world in such a short period of time. What truly made employees at all levels of the organization. In response, we have put a Samsung to continue its growth in the middle of rapid global economic lot of effort into rapidly orienting new employees and preparing existing changes and challenging industry trends were our people. I believe our employees for new management challenges in the future. In particular, people are certainly the key. It is their creativity and commitment that we have emphasized the need for leadership training as a means to has made the Company successful to date. Going forward, the prepare employees for more senior roles in the organization over time. Company’s ability to generate new growth depends on the ability of our Going forward, our priority is to ensure that employee development is employees to spot new ideas and opportunities, argue for them tightly linked to succession planning within the organization.

Talent Management


I Promoting Diversity I

Employee Value
I Enhancing Employee Value I

Under the HR Development Center, there are the Global Training Group, Leadership Development Group, and Advanced Technology Institute. The HR Development Center offers programs related to business strategy, leadership, nurturing future leaders and global talent, and R&D. Separate education units have been set up under the Semiconductor Division, LCD Division, Korea Regional Headquarters and Gumi plant. These units oversee division-level programs and support company-wide training. The Global Marketing Institute, CS Environment Center, Purchasing Strategy Team, Production Technology Center, and Design Management Center each have their education units whose function is to train the best experts in each of the work functions.

Advances made by employees mean advances for the company. With that in mind, Samsung Electronics offers various programs and assistance to help our people develop their skills and abilities.

Education System
Education programs are overseen by the HR Development Center. The center is assisted by separate organizational units set up according to business division and work function.

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