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Talk Show Script (example of talk show dialogue) Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Radio talk show script example

Host: Hello Philippines and hello world! Welcome to “The Daily Talk”! Host: I came upon this inspiring institution called the World Leisure Organization. Some of you might have heard of it, but for the benefit of the doubt, let’s take a look at this clip. (WLO CLIP)

Host: With the help of our special guests, we will be discussing about the World Leisure Organization, its role and position statements. Let’s have a round of applause to the representatives of the World Leisure Organization, Ms. _____ and Ms. ______. (Crowd applause and cheer)

Host: Welcome to “The Daily Talk”, Ms. ______ and Ms._____. Thank you for being with us today. It is a pleasure to meet you both. Guest: The pleasure is ours Ms. ___________.
Guest: Thank you for having us here.
Host: Now tell me, what exactly is WLO?
Guest1: WLO, founded in 1952, is a world-wide, non-government association of persons and organizations dedicated to discovering and fostering those conditions best permitting leisure to serve as a force for human growth, development and well-being and advocates leisure as a means for improving the quality of life. Host: In what way do you improve the quality of life?

Guest2: Access to meaningful leisure experiences is no less than the need for shelter, education, employment and fundamental health care. Yet, improving the quality of life does not occur by chance. Rather it happens through the joint efforts of our policy makers, our leisure professionals, and our public and private sector program providers. Host: The increase in leisure time has become a universal phenomenon, which holds implications on life of any civilization regardless of its social and cultural structure. What does WLO do about these implications? Guest1: Members discuss any issues, views, policies, projects and other initiatives that have implications on leis

ure. Host: What are the duties of the WLO? Guest2: First, we foster inquiry:

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Research and scholarship to discover the personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences. Second, we share what we know: Formal and informal dissemination of knowledge and information. Lastly, we engage in informed advocacy: By advocating for conditions optimizing leisure experiences: legislation, infrastructure, leadership, and programming. Host: How do you accomplish such action points?

Guest1: To fulfill these duties, we provide forums, through Face to Face, such as World Congresses, Regional Conferences and workshops or through Print and Electronic Media, like World Leisure Journal, Electronic Newsletter, monographs and web site. We also offer programs, such as Research and Scholarship, Post Graduate Education, Commissions and Working Groups, Consulting and Training and International Student Exposure. We also engage in Informed Advocacy like Charters, International Declarations and Position Papers. We also work with others, such as United Nations and its Agencies, International, Regional and National Non-governmental Organizations and the Private Sector. Host: Do you have any position statements?

Guest2: Yes, and we actually have five. First, all people have the right to leisure activities, in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the government must recognize. Second, governments must make sure that there are recreational opportunities available to its people. Third, leisure activities must be used for self-fulfillment, development of personal and social relationships, development of cultural identity, promotion of international understanding and the enhancement of the quality of life. Fourth, citizens must have access to all information on leisure and its opportunities. Last but not the least, the nature and importance of leisure must be taught by educational institutions to be integrated to one’s personal lifestyle.

Host: Thank you Ms. _____ and Ms. ______. We have learned a lot from you today. For a deeper understanding of the World Leisure Organization, let’s hear from our partner, Ms. ________.

Interviewer: Thank you, ______. Hello Philippines and hello world! My name is __________, and I’m here at the Academy of Leisure with Dr. Derek Casey, the Chairman of the World Leisure Organization. Interviewer: What is the role of the World Leisure Organization? Interviewer: What is according to you the importance in general of international Higher Education for the field of Leisure? Interviewer: In what way do you believe that the Academy for Leisure contributes to this process? Interviewer: Which developments do you think need to be considered in the world of leisure for the next years? Interviewer: Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed our talk. Back to you Ms. ______! Host: Thank you, Ms. _____. Well, it’s time to wrap up the show. Thank you for our lovely guests for joining us today and for Dr. Derek Casey for lending us some of his time. Remember, leisure enhances the human condition, so use your free time wisely! Join us tomorrow on The Daily talk. I’m your host, ______. Good day everyone!

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