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Taoism Paper Essay Sample

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Taoism Paper Essay Sample


This paper seeks to highlight the rituals of some of the important institutions like marriage, child rearing, sin, war, death, and afterlife in Taoism. The paper will explain how Taoist follows certain beliefs, which are both mystical and spiritual in nature. The paper will conclude with a brief analysis of why Taoism slowly disappeared from China.

            Taoist practice of Yang sheng or tending life means that those who nurture the immortal embryo, the real self are mothers and should adopt a female personality. Marriage in Taoism is a part of Yang and Yin and the joining of these male, female forces produces Tao (the way), which are one man and one woman together (Whiting, 1991, p.207). In Taoism, military action may be conducted against demons that have taken possession of a person’s house and body without justification. Dramatic rites with sword dances and with martial music will in the end repulse the invaders (Schipper, K.M., 1985, p.30). Life and death are merely two aspects of reality, the unchanging Tao. Death is simply a transformation from being to non-being; from yang to yin. Taoism teaches that humans ought to accept life and death as complementary aspects of the Tao.1In Taoism, lack of discipline leads to a loss of vital energy, which leads to illness, accident, bad luck, and the need to have divine assistance. This is considered as sin and penitents in the procession is therefore designated by the expression, yu-tsui-shih, meaning “sinners” (Schipper, 1994, p.222).


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