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Ai & Aii – the different types of abuse & Signs and symtoms of the abuse. 1) Physical abuse – is where contact is made with the person like hitting them or biting and scratching them to hurt them or can be more sinister like burning them intentionally or using restraint this could lead to the person being reluctant to being alone with the carer/carers

2) Sexual abuse –this can vary from talking to a person in a inappropriate way to touching them e.g. like rape and sexual assault, making a person do things sexually to you or to themselves this could lead to the person maybe acting out and sexually abusing others, anger or anxiety to be near a person of a certain sex.

3) Emotional/Psychological abuse – Nearly every form of abuse is coincided with psychological abuse because this is mentally abusing them, it could be from bullying, ignoring, name calling and not being allowed to communicate with others. Signs of this would include having no regard of what they are saying about the cared for person or caring about their rights. Treating the resident as if they were a child and not allowing them to do things for themselves this could also be seen as a form of restraint.

4) Financial abuse – this can be done by someone stealing or fraud using someone’s name for loans or credit cards maybe. If someone was caring for someone independently they could be abusing the person financially because they might be in charge of that person’s funds like going to lift their pension etc., it doesn’t even have to be a carer it could be somebody from their own family or friend circle signs of this would be where the person isn’t allowed to manage their own funds or they aren’t allowed to know how much is in their accounts, or maybe there might be a sudden change in there will because they have been pressured into it.

5) Institutional abuse – it means it could be with in the care home not just one person doing it carers are maybe not giving the people the freedom to make their own decisions on certain things like bed times or when they can get something to eat. They are maybe not allowed to go for a walk around the grounds or do things they would have normally without the carers permission, maybe the carers know this annoys the person and gangs up on them as well.

6) Self-neglect – when you aren’t looking after yourself properly like not taking your tablets or not eating because you don’t feel like it. Or in some cases people self-harm think suicidal thoughts about themselves. It could range from drug and alcohol abuse and it means that the person could always be putting themselves into danger – signs would include maybe drastic change to persons physical appearance e.g. if they have stopped eating they would be losing weight so they maybe start wearing baggy clothing to make it not as noticeable

7) Neglect by others – is when someone fails to perform their duty of care towards somebody maybe by not feeding them, not paying them any attention or showing them that you care about them and that they are important. Not giving them their medication or maybe not changing their soiled continence pads that would very much be seen as neglect from others. Aiii – Explain the correct actions to take if you suspect an individual is being abused If you suspect a individual is being abused you could confront the person that you think is being abused , just let them know that you suspect that something is going on and reassure them that you are only there to help and and if they want to talk to you then you would be there for them to talk to, once you have done that and the person has maybe confided in you, you can then choose you choice of action.

This could be maybe confronting the Abuser and if then nothing changes, go to your manager or head of home and if nothing has changed then you may take it higher. Aiv – Explain the correct actions to take if an individual tells you they are being abused The correct action to take if someone tells you that they are being abuse is to make sure that you have very clear information on what has been going on, and keep a record of everything that the person has told you as it can and usually is quite serious. You need to make sure that the resident is comfortable with telling you everything and that they know that you only have their best interests at heart and will do everything in your power to help them, so a lot of warnsupport is vital. Then once you have all your information and the permission of the resident you will need to report the  incident to manager or higher so it can be dealt with.

Av – Identify how to ensure that any evidence of abuse is kept safe 1) Preserve the scene – you need to be very careful not to touch or move any evidence if it a potential crime scene ( if sexual or physical there will likely be forensic evidence there) 2) Don’t leave information lying around – it could be the notes you’ve taken down when someone had confided in you about abuse, if the abuser maybe seen it before you had got the chance to report it they could go to the resident and threaten them to change their story they it might be too late. Also that piece of paper with that information on it will be seen as a legal document. 3) Confidentiality – You cannot promise to keep everything confidential because some of the information will need to be passed on to people higher up so something can be done about the abuse but you need to let the resident know that.

Avi – Identify the national policies that set out requirements for safeguarding individuals 1) No secrets
2) Protection of vulnerable adults
3) National minimum standards for adult care homes (2003)
4) The equality act (2006)
Avii – Identify the local and organisational systems for safeguarding In health and social care there are many organisational systems but the main ones would be POVA (protection of vulnerable adults), SOVA (safeguarding of vulnerable adults),The cornerners service of northern Ireland or relevant bodies with an enforcement and/or inspection/improvement function, e.g. the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland; Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland; and the Education and Training Inspectorate Aviii – Explain the roles of different agencies and professionals that are involved in safeguarding Individuals

1) RQIA – the regulation and quality improvement authority.
They inspect care homes to ensure the minimum standards are met and that everything is running the way it should be and to ensure that the right care, comfort and dignity is given to every each person 2) SOCIAL SERVICES
– Their role is to support and help service users do things for themselves, they act as quides , advocates and they will work closely with other health and social care professionals to make sure they service users needs are met. 3) PSNI – they can investigate crimes that may have happened. 4) Doctors – they will see signs of abuse that maybe some carers wont get to see and maybe able to identify the problem with the individual. Aix – Identify sources of advice, support and information to help social care workers understand their own role in safeguarding when looking for this kind of advice you can go to your own management or check your policies and procedures, or check your local safeguarding board, which will give you guide lines like the essential standards and the social care workers code of practise.

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