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Record the patient’s medical histories and symptoms and to help analyze their results. We also operate medical machinery, administer the treatment and medications and help with the patients follow up’s and rehabilitation.

We work in various environments and our duties depend on the work environment we are in. The main work is to promote good health and to prevent illness. There are various job duties but one is working very closely with the entire team of healthcare professionals.

Main responsibilities include taking care of patients and daily routines include administering medication, setting IV’s, giving shots and updating records.

All Nurses use Infection, Prevention and Control.
Infection, prevention and Control are very high on the agenda for nurses and one way to help infection, prevention and control is by using hand washing. It is the most important thing we can do to reduce the spread of disease. Doing this helps our patients and their families from catching any diseases or infections. We usually ask all the visitors not to come in if they have any infection, such as a cold or diarrhoea, not to come in until it has gone and when they come in not to lie on the patient’s bed and when the visitors go in and out of the rooms to use the hand gel which is provided to them.

There are also other times when infection, prevention and control matters and this may be when using protective equipment, when safe handling and disposing of sharps, managing blood and bodily fluids and safe handling and disposal of chemical waste. Infection, prevention and control also connect with the protective clothing as we have to wear the cloves and aprons which are provided in a box in every room. The protective uniform is to stop any germs getting to our uniform and it protects the clothing and skin from infection. Gloves are usually necessary when working with patients and body fluids or sterile equipment.

There are different kinds of cooks, but catering chef are part of a team who are committed to ensuring that the food and the drinks are nutritious, appetising and appropriate for the patient’s medical and cultural needs. The team are made up of:

* Chefs.
* Head Chef.
* Assistant Chefs.
* Catering Chefs.
* Catering Managers.
* Assistant Catering Managers.

The chefs, cooks and head chefs to do the job they do need excellent cookery skills and an awareness of the food hygiene and nutrition issues and lastly a management and organisational skills. Catering assistants may be involved in the cleaning of equipment and handling cash. Head chefs, chefs, cooks and assistants usually need an NVQ in food preparation.

The cooks provide both food and drink to the staff and patients. The patients will usually have their own meals in their own wards and the staff and visitors may eat their in the restaurant.

When preparing food protective clothing has to be worn to stop the food from being contaminated. There are bacteria everywhere on our hands. Protective clothing such as hair nets and masks are there to prevent contamination of foods

For cooks, it is very important that they know about infection, prevention and control and this is because they need to make sure that all the food is cleaned properly, cooked properly and has to be making sure they are still in date. “Cleaning is very important as germs do not live anywhere but on dirty surfaces”. You should clean your work surface every time before and after you have used it. Preventing the spread of infection in the home or work place would be more efficient if a person was to keep their hands clean and this is the best way of preventing spread of infection. This is what they do in hospitals which the cooks and cleaners also have to do. Your hands can pass on infections and can also pick germs up. A cook should always wash their hands before preparing food otherwise this can pass on germs and infections through the food to the patients.

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