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            Education is a right not a privilege. Every individual has the right to be educated in school whether it is in the primary, secondary, or tertiary level. However, it is a fact that not everybody have the means to be able to support themselves in order to experienced being taught in educational institutions. Most parents nowadays do not have the necessary financial means to send their children to school. This kind of situation could be attributed to the low-income rate of most families that are not enough to send their children to college. Being the case, the government has the responsibility to aid this kind of hardships that its citizens are experiencing (Messmore, n.p.). Allotting a portion of the state budget for educational subsidy is the most appropriate course of action to take in order to solve this dilemma just like what the Texas state government is doing.

            Having quality education is one of the prerogatives of a holistically developed person. Education is an essential factor for an individual to succeed in life because it would serve as the foundation in ones’ undertakings in the future. A person’s educational background is taken into consideration whenever one is applying for a job and most often than not this becomes the basis of whether an employer would hire this person as well as what particular position the employee would be designated upon. As such, it is essential that people invest in quality education.

The government has the responsibility to assure the well being of its people. Since the people elected the government, it is one of the primary duties of this political machinery to attend to the needs of those responsible in putting them into office (Messmore, n.p.). Furthermore, the government also has the primary tasks of protecting the rights of its citizens as well as uphold those values that are important to them. In relation with this, it is just politically appropriate that the Texas government give the necessary attention in giving quality and equal educational opportunities to all those people they served because not only is education one of the fundamental necessities of a person but it is also a right that needs to be safeguard and uphold.

Giving a substantial portion of the state’s budget to educational subsidies in order to give equal opportunities for students to go to school especially in the college level is actually a good investment for the Texas state. One of the factors that contribute to a developed and successful state is the people who composed it. If everyone would be well educated then this would entail educationally competent citizens that would be very advantageous members of the labor force, which could contribute to the development of the state.

            Taxing all citizens whether they have children or not and regardless if they would attend college in Texas is not unjust especially when you put into mind the benefits that could be acquired from it. In the light of the improvements it could give to the quality and productivity of the citizens of Texas, which would eventually enhance the situation of the state only means that its outcomes affect Texas as a whole. The development of the state would affect all of its citizens, which is why all taxes for the purpose of educational subsidies should be deducted because everybody would gain from it.

            If the government could spend for infrastructures and other means of improvements for the state then why not invest in something that could give large gains and returns like educational subsidies. The citizens of Texas should not regret every penny deducted from them if it is for the purpose of education because these taxes are well spent.


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