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Tchaikovsky Tribute Ballet Essay Sample

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Tchaikovsky Tribute Ballet Essay Sample

Over the summer i visited my grandmother in manhattan, New York. Everybody knows New York for their spectacular shows and events on time square and even on the streets, talent is around every corner there. The third day that i arrived my grandmother and i decided to go see a ballet nearby her house in a small theater. The name of the ballet was Tchaikovsky Tribute, the ballet was put on my some local dance majors. The dances consisted of point, lyrical, classic ballet, and modern ballet. All the music of course was by Tchaikovsky they were short segments remixed into an hour long piece. The dancers who performed the 1st dance wore sequined red point shoes with a white tutu and a red corset top their hair was sleek and pulled back into a nice perfect bun as well in all the other dances.

In the 1st dance they performed a point routine that was 5 minutes long many dancer alternated on the stage taking turns to do sotes, fondues, various turns, and many more steps that were new to me. Each dancer got a solo in the show, my favorite was by this petite blond girl who danced a classic ballet routine. she had on a pink knee length tutu dress that was bedazzled. Her music was the 1812 overture finale section, she had arabesques, grande plies, turns sooooo many turns in a row. Every count and step she made went perfectly to the beat of the music thats why she was my favorite and because her music choice was full of life and also when she danced she was the only one who really i felt the most passion from. The finale came and all the dancers took a bow and we all applauded them for their hardwork and marvelous performance.

In my opinion the dancer did wonderful they had great posture and technique accomplishing ever move. I really have no critique on them because they did a wonderful job with only few mistakes that were unoticable like missing a step or a little bit off. I love the show because it displayed how you don’t need a large theater or cutting edge music to entertain people the show was hosted in a local theater by girls who have a talent and passion for dance.


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