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Te Hermanson Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Is a religion more important than God? , Is your family more important than a religion? We are religious people one of us is Christian and the other is Catholic even though we are different, for us God and family are equally important because for a reason God give us a family to respect it, to care about of it and to fight for it. Sometimes religions change God’s words for their convenience.

After reading the article, we are totally agree with the initial verdict because some trials indicated that Amy’s parents were irresponsible with the child’s health as they treated their daughter with an unconventional method of healing putting her life in risk until death, instead of had taken her to a doctor that in our opinion is the only

one should make all medical decisions. Amy could have been saved

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according to the autopsy. In addition we want to share an example that let us thinking about it; a friend of us had a five-year-old brother who was getting off a bus but the bus didn’t stop completely and the little boy fell down and hit his head with the pavement, the boy was taken to the hospital and few minutes later the doctor told the boy needed a blood transfusion but his mother whose religion is Jehovah witness didn’t let the boy receive the transfusion because she would have been expelled forever of that religion since blood transfusion is prohibited for them as a result two hours later the little boy died.

This example tells us that sometimes parents have the right to do what they think is best for their child or children but not always is the correct decision.

To summarize, we think The Hermanson´s couple committed a big mistake and they have to be responsible for it, it´s totally true they did not want to hurt their daughter but they preferred fallow a law of their religion excluding the life of Amy. The consequence of following extreme religion is that people become blind, not physically but mentally. Additionally, the state as government must prefer a life of a person rather than a religion.

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