Teachers and Secondary Schools Can Be Replaced? Essay Sample

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Because so much information is available on the Internet today, traditional secondary schools and teachers are no longer necessary, “Dog you agree or disagree with this statement?” Write an essay on this topic, starting your opinion and supporting it with at least 3 reasons. Teachers and secondary schools can be replaced? With the rise of the Internet, abundant information can be found on the Internet. There is no time and region

no time and region limit on the net, users are able to access those websites, such as well-known Wikipedia, which provides treasured knowledge. Hence, there is a questionable assumption, teachers and secondary schools can be replaced? However, I think both two are the essential elements of education for long, and it is not going to change in the future. It is no denying that there is encyclopedic knowledge on the Internet, and even teachers cannot be as informative as cyberspace. Although there is wide variety of knowledge on the net, I don’t think students can learn only by using the technology. The websites like Wikipedia use many technical terms to express an idea, because the people who are the master in the field wrote all the data. It hardly understands all the content for a layman, especially in science subjects.

Therefore, without doubt, students who only count on studying on the net will give up this idea shortly. Certainly, teachers and schools are non replaceable in the case. Teachers will change the ways to teach in terms of the different level of students, and they will explain it further for students as the problems are encountered. With the aids from teachers, students can learn efficiently. Besides, students who relay on cyberspace, behave and inner development cannot be fostered. It is beyond all disputes that Internet can deliver numerous knowledge to users but other vital aspects like moral education, behave, esteem, etc. Apart from teaching academic knowledge, inner development is crucial for a young as well. Youth should learn correct values and attitudes, but it is not negligible that Internet is full of the information like sex and violence that we should concern the students will encounter such harmful information on the cyberspace.

Thus, schools are vital that it provides an atmosphere to delivery such correct values and to equip us to become a better person. In addition, students who only study on the net cannot attend extra-curricular. Through the experience of attending extra-curricular, students can widen their horizons, and gain more invaluable knowledge that cannot learn from books. Moreover, social circle can be significantly enlarged. It is worthwhile for students to meet more people, and get alone with other. Since, students are beneficial to establish a good interpersonal relationship. Undoubtedly, there are so many advantages of studying on the web though, the root of education, teachers and schools, are not going to change in the future.

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