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Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.

I would contribute to a lesson being given to 7 years olds by using the following strategies:

I would get the relevant information from the teacher or the lesson plan as to what instruments were to be used. Prior to the lesson I would ensure the instruments specified were available and that a suitable environment was set up in advance as per the teachers requirements.

I would actively encourage each child to participate including demonstrating how the instruments are used. I would make myself aware of any SEN children within the class that may be affected by this type of lesson where the noise levels would be higher than normal.

I would use positive reinforcement to boost self-confidence and self-esteem in individual children and also encourage co-operation with each other.

Question two
What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion lesson?

My role in organising, using and maintaining would include the following:

I would make sure the instruments to be used were in good working order and in sufficient quantities.

I would familiarise myself with any instruction manuals and relevant information regarding the instruments.

I would ensure a suitable environment to be used was available and had sufficient room for the children to be able to work freely with the instruments.

I would set up the environment prior to the lesson with guidance from the teacher if necessary.

After the lesson I would ensure that all instruments and any manuals or information books and any music sheets used, were stored away appropriately for the their next use.

Question three
Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected in pupils?

To be an effective role model within the classroom I would demonstrate a good standard of behaviour myself in accordance with the schools policies and also be aware of strategies that could be employed if any child exhibits bad behaviour.

I would positively praise good standards of behaviour.

I would uitilise the schools reward strategies where appropriate.

I would demonstrate respect and tolerance for every child and adult both within and outside the school environment.

Question four
What strategies might you employ to encourage pupils to behave appropriately? Describe how you might react to incidents of bullying and violence.

Strategies to be employed to encourage appropriate behaviour would include:

Ensuring that I was familiar with the schools behaviour policy and strategies.

I would make use of the schools reward system when required.

I would use positive reinforcement and praise when observing a child or children working well together or individually.

In response to incidents of bullying and/or violence I would firstly ensure a good knowledge of the schools behaviour and bullying policies.

I would intervene calmly but firmly speaking in a low tone and get down to the childs level to make eye to eye contact in order to calm the situation down at the earliest opportunity.

I would ensure that I was not confrontational or antagonise the situation further.

I would advise that such behaviour cannot be tolerated and enforce the schools behaviour policy.

I would ensure that any first aid requirements where necessary where seen to at the earliest opportunity and reassure the “victim” that they were being supported and listened to.

I would make sure the Head Teacher was informed of the incident and also that any accident book records were completed promptly.

Question five
Describe how you might appropriately observe the physical abilities and skills of a nine year old boy.

To appropriately observe the abilities of a 9 year old boy I would do the following:

Firstly, I would determine what setting would be most suitable for the observation. In this case a PE lesson would be sufficient in order for a true reflection to take place.

I would make notes on what I was observing with facts and details only and no personal interpretation of what I was observing.

I would ensure the date, time and length of observation were noted correctly.

I would observe the child discreetly in order for the child not to be aware that the observation was taking place.

I would observe how the child interpreted the activity and their understanding of any instructions or rules given.

I would note how they worked individually and as part of a team.

I would notes how their co-ordination was and anything in particular they seemed to struggle with.

I would also note their enjoyment of the activity and if any competitiveness shown was appropriate or not.

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