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Teaching the Concept of Equivalence for Grade Four Students Essay Sample

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Teaching the Concept of Equivalence for Grade Four Students Essay Sample

There are actually a lot of ways that you can teach grade four students and let them understand the concept of equivalent fractions. Of course there are some prerequisite skills that a student must posses before introducing the concept of equivalent fraction. First and foremost the student must recognize what is a fraction, its composition and its proper notation and function in the given situation or equation. They must know that the fraction is the representation of the quantity available over the quantity that it was equally divided. They must know that the upper part of the fraction is considered to be the numerator and the lower part of the fraction is the denominator. The numerator and the denominator is separated by a bar symbol. They must know that the numerator represents the amount of the available or quantity that we have and the denominator would represent the number of parts that the whole was equally divided.

The student should know the basic operations in mathematics, the addition, subtraction, especially the multiplication and division. Lastly, the student should be able to recognize or contextualize in real life situation the application of the fraction (Human Relations Media inc., 1992). Like for example having an apple pie sliced into 8 pieces, and Randy ate a slice. The student must be able to recognize that randy ate one eight of the apple pie. Having this knowledge about fraction the student is now ready for understanding the concept of equivalent fraction.Talking about modeling and demonstrating to the students some of the application or what we call a more concrete example of representing a fraction we could there for start from there. It is always best to start with visible objects like cardboard papers that were cut into shapes in demonstrating to the students the concept of equivalent fractions. Let us take for example some cardboard papers that were cut into circles to demonstrate that fractions one half, two fourths, and three sixth are equivalent fractions.(Matrix Multimedia., 2000)


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