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Team Charter Essay Sample

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Team Charter Essay Sample

Team Ground Rules and Guidelines

What are the general expectations for all members of the team? (): I expect all team members to effectively communicate with everyone. (): Everyone will communicate daily and contribute equally

Expectations for Time Management and Involvement

(Participation, communication with the team, accessibility, etc.) : Everyone should participate on a daily basis by checking in to have that open and effective communication going. : I agree I think daily communication should be available to all members of the group

Ensuring Fair and Even Contribution and Collaboration

What strategy will you use to ensure that all team members are contributing and collaborating appropriately? Describe the communication strategy you will use if a team member is not contributing and collaborating effectively. How will the team manage conflicts between team members? : I suggest we all should agree to set a time-line for our assignment and divide/pick or choose our part of the assignment.

The main communication should be in our Team Forum and if a team member is non-responsive, we will try to contact via email or phone and if all fail we should take the next step and report it to the instructor. I believe effective communication is the key here, so if there is a conflict between team members, those individuals should try to resolve it between them. : Checking the Team Forum daily should be a required task. Dividing up the assignment and providing deadlines throughout the week seems very reasonable. If someone misses the deadline they should expect to be contacted by member(s) of the group

Special Considerations

What do you, as a team, agree will make this team experience different from past team experiences? : I agree this group will be a team player team; everyone will participate and acknowledge if any team members fall behind, everyone will make sure to communicate and have that team back on track. : Equal participation from everyone in the group should be this task rather simple

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