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When discussing the topic of teasing, there are a lot of things to consider in respect to when it is considered appropriate or inappropriate. So much of what is considered appropriate is usually between people who have a mutual understanding or a friendship. Most of the time teasing is used in good humor to make each other laugh, or to jab at someone in a friendly manner. When friends or people who are close tease one another, usually there are areas that are considered off limits or things that are considered bad taste to bring up.

Teasing can be a positive experience when administered in the right context. If someone is teased and it’s about something that isn’t too personal for the atmosphere, then it can be an opportunity for the person being teased to enjoy the hazing and have a positive experience. Being teased also is able to create a type of bond that allows you and who you’re teasing to connect on a better level, as if the two of you are sharing a secret or something like an inside joke.

Teasing is something that can be fun to partake in and enjoy if it’s in good nature, however teasing can be very harmful emotionally and can cause serious problems later on. If someone is teased about something like being overweight or personal problems, that can cause the person to feel insecure and can cause the person to take drastic measures to end the teasing. If the teasing is done with the intent to hurt someone, then it crosses the line from teasing to bullying, which is something that is not appropriate.

Finding a balance with teasing is something that I do on a person to person basis. There are people I can tease like family and close friends because our relationships are strong enough to withstand the hazing because it is automatically known to be in good fun. On the other hand, there are relationships I have that I won’t even consider teasing the other person with because they are someone who I am either uncomfortable with teasing, or I am unsure that they would take it as good humor. For me, being able to tease means knowing the person well enough to where I wouldn’t have to question if it would be appropriate in the first place.

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