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Amazing and loving creature’s dogs and cats are the perfect pets. The comfort and warm feeling they give makes getting through the day so much easier. Many people have their preferences when it comes to dogs and cats. Although cats and dogs have similarities there are many differences as well, such as different types of breeds, food, and training. Dogs and cats are loveable and unique animals that have a

have a plethora of different breeds with many crazy colors, sizes, and weights. Unlike cats, dogs have fine shinny coats that have multiple color tones, textures and lengths. A dog’s coat color could range between neutral colors to bright pigmented colors including indigo, violet, beige, gray, and sometimes a mixture of these colors. The texture of a dog’s fur depends on the different breeds and the mixture of the genetic jeans from their elders. The length of the fur is also produced by the dominate jean from the parents of the dog.

Even though dog’s fur is different in lots of ways cats are just about the same. Cats have a shiny but dull coat with about the same colors, and textures as dogs. Cat’s fur can be curly to straight, fine to thick, and usually sheds more than dogs. Dogs usually range from 7inches palm size to just under 5 feet. Cats usually stay right around palm size to no bigger than 1 foot five inches. When it comes to weight, dogs and cats have a phenomenal difference. Dogs can weigh anywhere from 2 pounds – 300 pounds. Dogs such as Teacup Poodles are no bigger than the palm and weigh no more than 7 pounds. Great Danes weigh on average about 150 – 275 lb fully grown. Cats can weigh 2 lb – 15 pounds. Teacup kittens weigh 2 lb 9oz – 5 lb. Siamese cats usually weigh anywhere from 4lb – 15 lb fully grown. Although they have the same eating ability, dogs and cats tastes for food are different when it comes to the flavor, texture, and smell.

Dogs love the flavor of bacon, chicken, beef, and sometime fish. A dog’s preference for what kind of food they like varies depending on the dog. Most dogs love bacon flavored treats and chicken and beef flavored meals. Cats on the contrary usually tend to stick with chicken and fished flavored dishes. Most if not all cats love treats and meals that are fished based. On occasions cats will eat dog food as an alternative. The textures between cat food and dog food are nearly the same. Dog food is generally hard and has big bit size pieces for the average adult dog. For puppies the food is smaller and softer for the newly grown teeth. Adult cat food is a slight softer then grown dog food and is bit size as well. Kitten food however is soft and small yet almost the same texture as the puppy’s food. The smell of dog food is awful. The smell of Purina “Alpo dog food” is like rotten bags of chicken and beef mixed together that sat out on the counter for weeks.

Although dog food smells, the foul odder of cat food is horrifying. The smell of Purina “Friskies Cat food” smells like bad fish and clogged sewers. Dogs and cats need to be trained in the following restroom, leash, and obedience in order to be good well behaved house pets. Restroom training for dogs is difficult. Training a dog to use the restroom outside takes time, commitment, and patience. If these priorities can’t be meet then owning a dog can and will be catastrophic. On the other hand, training a cat can be easy if the time that is needed is given at the right moment in their crucial learning period. The learning period is the very first sight of the new home and or a newly born. Cats tend to follow a direct path and are simple minded, unlike dogs with that have big imaginations. When training a dog to walk right on a leash, it is very important to be strict yet rewarding, as well as being calm and powerful.

Cats on the contrary are rarely on leashes but can be trained with lots of time and patience. Having well behaved animals is important for the safety of visitors and gests that come to visit. With training, a dog could potentially set, shake, lie down, and listen to the call of the master. Cats are far from the brightest crayon in the box. Cats are harder to train, but it is not impossible, they are trained to love and be loved and keep the claws tucked away. Having a plethora of differences cats and dogs are all in all great pets to have. Their love and attention keeps the good moods rising and the love flowing. They are great at greeting and meeting at the door to welcome people home, and they love to be pet. I recommend one of these animals to help keep the spirits up and bring some excitement to life. Just remember though different they both still love the attention.

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