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Technology And Health Care Essay Sample

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Technology And Health Care Essay Sample


     “Health is Wealth” they say. Yet, many people still disregard the fact that each person should take care of his own self. Consider too the fact that there are some governments who overlooks their health care responsibilities to the public they promised to take care of during their campaigns. This responsibility is a very important part in keeping the people capable of working for and with the state. “Healthy people makes a progressive country”, claims a writer as he observes the economic downfall of his poor country due to the lack of capability of the government to provide necessary medication for its people.

     In the American society though, there are several national programs which are designed to support the American health care. Among the said programs are the American Health Insurance Program, and the National Health insurance Program. These two government arrangements for the American population have been proven effective for the years of its existence. For a fact, the beneficiaries of these programs express their gratitude to the government because of the big help it gives them. Who are the beneficiaries? Most likely, these people are the ones who are employees of a certain company affiliated with the program. Others may comprise of ordinary citizens who are given special provisions by the government to receive special medical treatments at that. Today, these programs give provisions to over two million population of the American Society. But are this all the provisions the government could give?

  1. B) The Constant Responsibility of the Government

 to Care for the People’s Health

     More than anybody else, the people belonging to the remote areas are the ones highly in need of the service of the government for health care programs (The Daily Reflector, ECU Notes…).   The places where medical care may not be that easy to locate have the most possible cases of medication needing the government’s assistance.

     Because of this particular responsibility, the American government aimed in making different types of health insurances available for the public. The said types of insurances include the following [along with the researched rate of individuals who are able to attain the said healthcare provisions:

[The figures that follow shall present the different statistical observations that has been made by the healthcare institutions in America… within the years 2005 towards 2006, the changes in healthcare systems in the country along with all the number of individuals who are able to take considerable benefits from the said provisions are featured through the diagram that follows]

(Source: http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/hlthins/hlthin06/fig07.pdf)

As it could be noted through the diagram herein, it could be observed that there are only a few among the huge number of the population in America who are able to take considerable benefits from the provisions given by the institutions of healthcare assistance in the country. However, as reports claim, people are given these provisions through the funding of the different institutions to support the said program of healthcare betterment in the country. What are these funding organizations?

     From the table above, there is a certainty that the funding for the health insurances have been further secured by the government through the assistance that other private sectors concerned in the situation hand as support to the said program for securing the health assurance of the society. The diagram that follows on the other hand handles the clear picture of the situation as to how the government tries to balance the release of fund for healthcare with that of the population being supported in the said program.

     The said procedures include healthcare security through prevention of health illnesses, such programs that help people realize of their responsibility with their health thus increasing their capabilities of safeguarding themselves from grave health issues.


As mentioned earlier, health is for everyone. Even for those who cannot work or for those who are unemployed. After all, they are still part of the community and they are still part of the government’s responsibility as well. Indeed, further health programs especially the expansion of the benefits provided by the National Health Insurance Program should be well given attention to. The backbone of any country is its people. And taking care of a country’s strongest force may not be that easy. But with continuous effort and unfailing cooperation from every sector of the society shall make it easier for the government to perform its duty to its people on health in the best possible way.


The Daily Reflector. (2008). ECU Notes: Access to care efforts lauded. http://www.reflector.com/local/content/news/stories/2006/08/07/ecu_notes.html. (February 20, 2008).

Daily Sun.com. (2008). Increase coming in health insurance premiums. http://www.beatricedailysun.com/articles/2006/08/04/news/news3.txt. (February 20, 2008).

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