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Technology at Large Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

As the years go on, technology increases, making the way of life easier. Many people depend on technology to get by day by day. As more and more people are using the internet, they begin to not fully comprehend what they are reading or even doing. In Nicholas Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he questions how well technology really is for the human mind. As he explains how his own comprehension of what he reads on the internet is not near as well as it used to be when he would search for his answers through paper media. With the internet greatly improving, there are many negative effects that comes along with it. Carr’s conclusion is applicable because of the way technology affects our ability to read and think, also distracting us from important responsibilities, which in turn decreases our social ability.

As I am writing this paper, it is a prime example of how technology and the internet is affecting our ability to read and think. All the research I am or will be using, I am getting from the internet. As one researches they do not fully read the entire article, they skim. The more and more someone skims through the reading the worse their reading levels will be. As I have gotten older it has become harder for me to read for long periods of time because I get distracted very easy. Also as one uses the internet constantly, it will eventually affect their ability to think. They b

egin to believe everything that is posted on the web. Later causing them to not think for themselves

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but a machine thinking for them. Technology is and will forever affect our ability to read and think on our own.

As we grow older, every single human being has their own responsibilities. We also get more involved in technology which may mean that we are being distracted from everyday responsibilities. For example, one may be checking their social media sites, and not realize how much time they are really spending on the internet. Therefore when they planned to do their everyday task like their laundry after a quick five minute check on the internet turned into an hour or two wasted and they may not have been able to finish washing their clothes. Since they were pre occupied by technology they were distracted from their responsibilities in life.

A decrease in social ability is a big topic in technology. Although there are social media websites all over the internet, people are starting to lose their social skills. One might be happy when they update an app on their phone for Twitter, or even Facebook but it is just hurting them in the long run. Just because they are still intouch with their friends on the website is right at their fingertips doesn’t always mean they still has good social and communicating skills. One might shut out the world because they are constantly checking their phone for updates. Doing so creates problems in the real world. They will not be able to further themselves later in their life because they will not know how to use their skills wisely when going for job interviews because they never socialize outside of their cellular devices.

There are many examples as to why technology is only ruining us in the long run. One needs to quit being so dependable on certain technological items in their lives. Not only will they not last forever but you will to someday live without them. People need to be able to restrain themselves on solely depending on technology to run their lives when it is only ruining it in the long run. Personally, I myself am somewhat addicted to technology but have learned that I will soon need to give it up. Knowing this makes me agree with Nicholas Carr’s conclusion even more so than I did before.

Works Cited

Carr, Nicholas. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The Norton Field Guide to Writing. New York: W.W. Norton & Company Inc., 2013. 2 February 2014

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