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Education is a very important part of society. Without it the world would be stuck in the dark ages. Knowledge would not be passed on, deterring advances in essential fields such as medicine. Throughout thousands of years new tools and instruments have been invented to make education more efficient. Today we have access to some of these tools, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This kind of technology opens doorways to students that just a few years ago, we never even thought would exist. It would seem illogical to ignore the possibility of using the latest technology to set up a brighter future for the next generation. Nationwide, schools have already begun to adopt this philosophy. All schools should provide each student with either a laptop or tablet to provide a prime learning experience. It is true that purchasing that much electronics can be quite pricey. Some school districts already pay over $1 million each year to fund this. But, when you break it down, it’s not all that expensive. An average laptop costs about one thousand dollars and is expected to last about ten years. That’s one hundred dollars per year which is only about twenty nine cents a day per student.

That’s twenty nine cents every day to ensure that the future of this country is getting the best education our time has to offer. Also, to reduce the financial blow to the school, families should be able to buy the laptop at the end of the school year. With the rest of the world already making these advancements, why not schools? Especially at such an affordable price. Many students have trouble adapting to different teachers styles of delivering information. Everyone has their own unique learning style. Laptops would provide the possibility of variation between different activities that students participate in. It will allow them to learn at a more even pace if they do so in the way that they learn best. Also, laptops grant access to the internet which can be used as a valuable teaching tool. This way students may encounter countless learning opportunities. They can also play educational, yet fun, online games.

It’s engaging and provides a more pleasant method of teaching for the students. Subjects that students previously lacked interest in could be presented in a way that is stimulating because it fits their learning style. Another issue that every public school faces is an economic barrier between students. Most students have a computer at home, but not all. Those few kids that don’t have access to a computer at home have to rely on the desktops at the school to type papers and conduct research on the internet. Based on their schedule that’s not necessarily possible. Between work and extracurricular activities, there may not be time to use school computers. This could cause them to fall behind and lose confidence in their abilities. If each student had their own laptop then they could complete the tasks at home. It levels the playing field for all of the students and helps them to reach their desired grades. More is better. The more technology a school has, the better off the students are. It is enticing to the students as well as cost effective. Providing students with laptops presents an efficient, equal, and appealing transition into a real world experience.

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