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Technology is important for all of the humans, Technology does not only help in developing a modern country but also increasing human’s living standard. For example, almost all of the young people nowadays own at least one devices which allow them to access to social network such as smart phone, tablets pc, laptop and so on. In the other words, technology is now a part of our daily life. I dare not to imagine how will the world become if technology are taken away from human’s life. Technology is now a big part of our daily life and bring a huge benefits to us. It help in saving the energy required for all the hard labor work, speed up the manufacturing process and the most important it speed up the time required to manage document. For example, ever since the washing machine, household cleaning robot appeared in the market, the energy required to done our household job was just a few click away. We don’t have to worry about our household work anymore. Furthermore, the development of industry machine help in increasing the quantity of production per day, when the production increased, automatically it lead to a higher profit for the company.

Besides, the development of computer system make managing document much more easier compare to the time when computer does not exist in this world, we can store our customer’s information in the computer and when the information are needed, we can always find it out by just a few click. It helps to save cost of buying note book to record customer’s information. Although technology improved our living quality and bring a huge advantages to us, it bring plenty of disadvantages at the same time. Pollution is one of the most common issue that caused by the use of technology. For example, the machine use in a factory need lubrication oil in order for the inner part which make by steel to work smoothly, the lubricant needed to be change every certain period of time and the used lubricant are not reuseable and also unable to recycle. In the other words, the used lubricant are scrap to the earth, no matter where does we throw it to , it will definitely causes pollution to the environment.

Moreover, the developing of electronic product especially mobile phone and computer are ever-changing, average of 1 new devices are released daily, when all of these new devices released, for sure it come with a better function, faster speed and all kind of changes compare to the older model. Human’s needs and wants is endless, therefore, When new devices launched in the market, plenty of humans will run after the new product and throw the old devices away. However, the elements used in making all these electronic devices are not eco-friendly. Hence, when all these devices are throwed away, it causes pollution to the environment as well. In addition, the water that bear the boat is the same that swallow it up, technology bring advantages to humans but at the same time it kill uncountable human’s life in a years. For example, cars and train was made to speed up the time required to travel from one place to another, but the human killed by all these automotive vehicle are uncountable every years. Last but not least, everything philosophically divided into two ; the positive and the negative, when something brings advantages, it surely bring disadvantages at the same time. Thus, we have to use the technology smartly in order to ensure the least disadvantages are brought along.

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