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• Introductions (TV news interviews-one student interviews another as a reporter)
• Explain rules and objectives for class
• Review main aspects of improv:
o Imagination – “When stories clash”-Huck Finn meets Harry Potter
o Play – Kids at play-1st graders at playground, babies in crib o Trust – Gibberish
o Observation – Whisper/Normal/Shout
o Listening – “One line each” scene
o Focus/Concentration – “No questions” scene
o Impulse – “Surprise prop” scene – prop of unknown origin suddenly appears in scene

Week Two:
• Warm-up exercises
• Sense Memory/awareness
o Lie on back, eyes closed, and sense being at different locations (park, movies, etc.)
o Dive through it – walking in circle, imaging swimming through various things (pudding, salsa, etc.)
o Play ball – pretend to play “catch”, but ball changes sizes, weights, etc. at various points

• Fun exercise – Surprise prop

Week Three:
• Warm-up exercises
• Sense Memory/awareness
o Students walk around in a circle, with different physical traits (limp, just woke-up, etc.)
• Emotion memory
o Overdone faces, hands, bodies, feet, and voices to express various emotions
o Emotion jump – scene starts as normal, but then each actor is assigned a specific emotional state in which he/she needs to immediate take on

Week Four:
• Warm-up exercises
• Who, what, where, when, why, and how exercises

Week Five:
• Warm-up exercises
• Voice work
• “Sound effects” scenes-students act out scenes, while others on sideline make the necessary sound effects • “Japanese movies” scenes-students act out scenes, while others on sideline do the necessary voice-overs • Fun exercises

• Surprise prop
• Add-a-person – 2 students start a scene, and a 3rd enters mid-way through

Week Six:
• Warm-up exercises
• Physical characteristics
o “Age walk” – Walking in circle, students walk like different aged people o “Family portraits” – 4 or 5 students stand up in front of class, and have to instantly get in position as a “family” for a photo (family of fish, snakes, babies, wrestlers, etc.) • Scene transitions

o 1 student plays the same part throughout, but must show change in relationship as they move from one part of scene to next (example – kid goes from classroom with teacher, to hallway with friend, to home with parent, etc.) • Fun exercises

o “Pick a number 1-50” – students called out a number, and were put into corresponding physical positions, from which they had to start a coherent scene (numbers 1-50 are on a list from an improv book called Improvisation Starters)

Week Seven:
• Warm-up exercises
• Fish-out-of-water exercises
o Famous people/ordinary places – one student is a well-known person or character (President Bush, Spider Man, Harry Potter, etc.), and are placed in ordinary places (at Chuck E Cheese’s, in the hot-lunch line at school, in gym class, etc.) o Ordinary people/famous places – exact opposite of last exercise

Week Eight:
• Warm-up exercises
• Open-time – kids get to pick their favorite exercises from the past 7 weeks, and we have an improv free-for-all

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