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Should we enact legislation that would require any agency or person who dispenses or sells birth control devices to persons fourteen years of age or less to report this fact by some reasonable means or other to the parents (or guardians) of the minors receiving such services?

The entry point of morality in this case as well as ethical considerations comes in. We have to look at both sides whether or not to enact such legislative regulation since, deciding without consider both set-ups might induce bias connotations.

Naturally, the first thing that we have to look at is the motive of the individual in buying such birth control devices who is only 14 years old. In a given scenario, let us utilize our logic and think if this can be part of a school project or morally intended purpose that requires such device. Is it possible that the professor of a 14-year old individual asks for a condom for a requirement? Probably, however, are they going to suggest such project without parental supervision? No. This intrusion is now against moral conduct and principles that needs careful analysis. If we promote legislation that inhibits these minors to buy these birth control pills, then we might increase the chance of teenage pregnancy and this might cause feeling of inhibition in the part of these minors. However, on the positive note, they do not have to go anymore to the nearest grocery store just to buy these devices.

Another question to answer is, are we even sure that these kids shall refrain from having pre-marital intercourse even if these contraceptive devices are out of their reach? Still, No. The follow-up question now is, if we inhibit such purchase of birth control devices, are we also inhibiting the case of pre-marital sex or worse, promoting it?

Studies have shown that teenagers are way too adventurous to be grasped in just one hand. If they want to know something or experience something, they are going to try their best in order to obtain it. This is the peril that we face in this matter. One example is in Denmark, wherein, pornographic material has been banned from teenagers ages 18 and below. The authorities thought that this is the end of the increasing sexual crime rates. However, the contrast scenario has occurred. Instead of decrease, the rates shoot up and as the psychologists analyze it, the inhibition causes the cat to have more interest in playing on the flames (Selzer & Carpini 407).  Due to the restrictions and inhibitions brought by the society, this induces strain in the part of the individual, thus making him or her more curious to try out that something that is forbidden.

If we have this legislation unimplemented, then are we inhibiting these minors or are we even promoting premarital sex for this age group? The answer for this question is relatively dependent since, the condition varies greatly. However, let us make a follow up question in this matter, if we have this legislation unimplemented but have parent’s supervision strictly imposed, then are we inhibiting these minors or are we even promoting premarital sex for these age group? The answer is most likely but not accurately, inhibition of premarital sex.

The parents play an essential role in every family especially during the developmental years of a child. They are the ones that function as the molders of their children, and the home environment or the family presence enables proper launching centers. It is their utmost duty to supervise the development of these children, hence, the responsibility of inhibition should be placed more in the part of the parents and not or less likely in the law.

Another question to tackle is, how do we monitor the monitoring of this parents regarding premarital sex among these children? Moreover, how can we guarantee that imposition of strict parental protocols and not implementing the said legislation can diminish the incidence of premarital sex as well as teenage pregnancy? The answers again stand to be dependent and inaccurate. However, teaching and awareness expansion can greatly increase the families concern as well as motivation regarding the incident. The emphasis of strong family ties and moral teachings are necessary in order to avoid such problem occurrence.

Concluding now for the side of this essay, the conditions of implementations of strict parent role is necessary while the legislation is not anymore appropriate. The evidences, logic principle and justifications are present above. One thing is clear in the justification of this issue, the decision-maker is still lies on the individual since, he or she is the one controlling his or her body. The essentials of family, home and parental influences are the main solutions in order to prevent such social issues and not inhibitions.


Selzer, Jack, and Dominic Carpini. Conversations: Readings for Writing 6th Edition. Pearson Education, 2006.

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