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Teenage Birth Control Essay Sample

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Teenage Birth Control Essay Sample

Teenage stage a very crucial period in life of an individual especial the girls, and unless sexual related issues are discussed with the teenagers, there might be a great problem. The issue nowadays is not only informing them that one can get pregnant if one engages herself into sex, but there is also an alarm of the deadly Virus of AIDS that do not have a cure.

Discussing about birth control to the girl child is a very important issue that can turn the life of that child but many believe that it will also expose the girl to promiscuous life.

Although birth control for sexually active teenagers may be looked upon as promoting promiscuity, statistics show a decline in pregnancy rates due to increased use of contraceptives. The abortion rates also have declined which is reflective of the pregnancy rates. [1]

Indeed promiscuous life is promoted when we discuss about birth control with the girl child since that is all they worry about when engaging into sex. Many do not know there are dangers of STDs which are more serious than the pregnancy itself. While we engages the conversation of birth control with our teenage child, we should also not forget to mention the issue of STDs more so AIDS virus which has continued to cause death to many people in the world.

Let’s take for example, you fail to advice your teenage daughter on the issue of birth control in fear that you might expose her into promiscuous life, but unfortunately, the same daughter becomes pregnant. For one, that girl will put you into shame, drop out of school and then there are dangers that she might have been exposed to STDs for practicing unsafe sex. You will be left with the problem of looking after your own daughter and her child. This will drastically increase the size of your family that you had not anticipated for meaning extra family expenses. The same daughter will blame you for not advising her on the issue of birth control which would have avoided the giving of birth at this early age.

I have a personal experience of this issue of not discussing about birth control with a teenage girl and later on, the girl became pregnant. My own cousin became pregnant at the age of 15 years and according to her, she had no idea that she would have avoided the pregnancy by taking the necessary birth control measures. Surprisingly, her mother is a nurse and being in a medical profession, she should have discussed about birth control measure with her daughter. This would have avoided the trauma the girl was undergoing through when she became pregnant and she would have also avoided the shame the girl child has put her into.

According to my own experience also, many have argued that since there is an option of abortion, it is better not to discuss about birth control with the teenage girl child whom we might expose to promiscuous life. This is not a logical argument since even if the girl might abort; abortion is unethical since its killing of unborn child. The mother of the child undergoes a traumatized life after aborting which has an impact of his psychological life; where else this would have been avoided by discussing the issue of birth control with the child. Abortion on the other had endanger the life of the girl since it can lead to death or even destroy the uterus meaning that girl will not bear any other child throughout her life. [2]

At time, we are torn on the way forward especially when a husband and a wife are torn between discussing the issue of birth control with the girl child. The wife is for discussing the issue of birth control with her teenage daughter while on the other hand, the husband is for not discussing the issue since they would expose their daughter to promiscuous life.

Take for example a scenario whereby I as a mother have a teenage girl whom I learn that she is sexual active. I want to discuss the about the issue of birth control with my teenage daughter, but my husband whom I am divorced from is against it since we might expose the girl to promiscuous life. Yes, I agree we might expose our girl to promiscuous life since she will reckless since she knows she has protected herself against pregnancy. On the other hand, we must look on the issue of the impact that pregnancy will have on the teenage girl.

As a mother, I will be in more problems if my teenage daughter becomes pregnant. For one, being a single mother, I will be left with the burden of looking after my own daughter and my grandchild.

We believe that a conscious girl will not be exposed to promiscuous life just because she is aware of how to avoid pregnancy. We should continue discussing about birth control with our teenagers to avoid pregnancies at this early age. The issue of exposing our teenager into promiscuous life should not be a hindrance since we will save our teenage girls from traumatized life they would undergo if they became pregnant. [3]


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