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Teenage Life Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

Every one will, is or has been a teenager at some point in their life. It is a time filled with peer pressure, stress, and heartbreak, but also growth, love and friendship. What is truly astonishing about being a teenager is that every person’s experience is different. For some people their pinnacle of popularity is in their teen years, others find that these years are distant memories they long to forget. Therefore it is unfair to assume being a teenager can be universally characterized. What is true about almost all of teenagers is that it is a time of self-discovery and maturity. This also highlights however that even though most are in search of their identity, each person approaches their journey differently.

Imagine the “popular kids” walking up to you and pushing you out of their way. You wouldn’t dare and stand up for yourself in fear of further physical abuse. Now imagine being the popular teen seeing the insignificant nerd in front of you. This impulse arises in you compelling you to push that inferior person out of your way. How can these people relate to each other when they are obviously polar opposites? Neither the stereotypical popular or nerdy person truly has an und

erstanding of who they are. The shy teenager may find comfort and security in their reserved stance.

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The other adolescent may find that bullying provides a sense of purpose and belonging. Is this true for every person that goes through high school wrongfully thrust into a category?

Personally I have found that being a teenager involves stress, insecurity, self-doubt and yet the necessity for a content facade. No one wants to believe that teenagers actually struggle through these imperative years when in fact many do. I cannot say that my experience as a high school student is the copy of someone else’s, however many people, like myself, have no idea how to define themselves and are searching for any and all available answers. I may be the only one who deals with a lack of confidence, uncertainty in my identity and a need to appear happy, but I doubt it.

Teenage life however is not solely filled with rebellion and hostility, it is also involves love and unbreakable friendships. In my generation being young is about acting young. We are free to do whatever we want, whenever we want because we make the rules. Teenagers complain about their lack of freedom which I actually believe is completely untrue. We are trusted with later curfews, boyfriends or girlfriends and often at parties our parents are oblivious to. Teenagers today live the good life and yet they will always want more. Every person visualizes, handles, and remembers their teenage years in a very unique way. Most will admit that they struggled to find themselves and that they should have asked for help. What is astonishing about being a teenager is that you always feel undervalued and oppressed. Being a teenager is about rebelling against society and their low expectations; however it is truly the complete opposite. Society is attempting to mould the youth into respectable adults that will one day be the executives, presidents, and workers of the population. Although teenagers feel isolated, alone and underestimated, we can all find comfort in knowing that each of us undergoes this confusing and crucial transition into adulthood.

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