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Teens and Jobs Essay Sample

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Teens and Jobs Essay Sample

Students of all ages, starting from fourteen should be able to hold jobs, but only under certain conditions. They would have to be responsible young adults that can handle juggling job while also managing their school work. Child labor laws and things of that nature should be placed into the decision of having the teens as young as fourteen working. I believe that students should be able to hold jobs as long as they can prove that they can handle and maintain a C average in all classes. The students with lower grades shouldn’t be able to hold jobs until their grades are average.

Grades are very important to students, as well as money. The students should be able to handle themselves in several ways if they expect to hold a job. They should be able to handle the responsibility of juggling a job around their school work. They also need to prove they can have time to finish their homework and school work. Their having a job should not stunt their ability to focus. The students should not work long hours that causes them to lose sleep. Falling asleep in class and disciplinary infractions should be proof that these students are not able to have the opportunity to hold a job.

Parents may be against their students holding jobs. They might not think that their children are prepared to have the level of responsibility that jobs require. Students should only be able to hold jobs if their parents say that they can. Some parents may be over protective, or worried about their child causing them to not want their child to have a job. The choice of students as young as fourteen having jobs should not be left up to only the student. Parents should always have a say on what their children do. If they don’t think that their child should have a job, then it shouldn’t be allowed. Jobs should make employees that are young get some sort of permission slip signed.

In conclusion, students having a job should always be an option, but only in the right situation. Students who have good grades and a great amount of responsibility should be able to have the opportunity to hold jobs. They must show good jobs and have their parent’s permission to be working. After all of these stipulations, any teen even those as young as fourteen should be allowed to hold jobs.

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