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Have Teens changed throughout the years Essay Sample

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Have Teens changed throughout the years Essay Sample

In the teen movie ’10 things I hate about you’ the main teen characters that played part in the film are Heath Ledger played as Patrick Verona: seen as a scary, mean, man eating type of guy.

Then there’s Julia Stiles played as Katerina Stratford: The rock type of girl which hates human civilization.

Also there is Larisa oleynik played as Bianca Stratford: The beautiful and popular girl. She just loves her popularity and her fashion sense and admires the constant attention

And Joseph Gorden-Levitt played as Cameron James: the smart but also the dorky sort of guy.

And last but not least Joey Donner: The cool rich and not so smart model guy

Also in the other teen movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ the main teen characters are Judd Nelson played as Bender: A school bad boy always found in detention and is the joker in the movie.

There is also in the film Anthony, Michael Hall played as Brian: A typical dorky goody goody.

Then there is Emilio Estevez played as Andrew: There are only 3 words to describe him popular athletic and smart looking.

Also in the film there is Molly Ringwald played as Claire: Claire is a typical teenager who wears lipstick and make-up to live up to her expectations as a popular, beautiful rich girl.

And last of all Ally Sheedy played as Allison: Allison is the weird and quiet gothic girl, and as the film progresses she starts to talk about how shes a slut and how her parents hate her.

Differences and similarities

The differences between these two films are that the breakfast club is all set in one scene (The School) whereas 10 things I hate about you is all in different scenes. Also the teenagers in 10 things are more social than breakfast club; the teenagers in 10 things are more alike teenagers. This is because in 10 things we see that there are parties, proms, dating and romance. The breakfast club shows that the teenagers in the film have parents that are not caring and not really bothered about their child, whereas in 10 things we see that the parents in the film are more caring and overprotective towards their child.

In my opinion I think that the breakfast club over exaggerates the life styles of teenagers and their social groups. They show all the characters in their different social groups. One Goth girl, one geeky guy, one bully, one popular girl and one sporty popular guy which all make friends and date each other later on in the film. This shows all the teenage groups but in 10 things there are 2 popular groups (boys and girls), 2 dorky guys and a Goth. This is more realistic of the teenagers of today.

Both of the films are very similar in the way that they are targeted at teenagers. They both show at the end of the film that everyone is happy and dating each other. But 10 things shows this in a slapstick way when Bianca deafens Joey with a horn and goes out with the not so popular Cameron. In addition to this, the parents in 10 things are more realistic to the ones in breakfast club. I know this because the parents in breakfast club just drop their child off to school and speed off without a care in the world. But in 10 things the father of Bianca and katerina Stratford shows that he is more overprotective towards his children. He shows this by giving them a practical baby suit which replicates what it would feel like to be pregnant every time they go out on a date.

Overall I think that I would give the film 10 things I hate about you, 7 out of 10. Why? Because of the hilarious comedy used in the film. The story of 10 things comes from Shakespheres: Taming of the shrew. I think that this is one of the reasons 10 things made such a big hit.

I would give the breakfast club a soppy 4 out of 10. the reason for this is simple, boring, unrealistic and dull the whole way through but the film itself does deserve some credit for the interesting storyline.

So if your up for a funny comedy film on a Saturday night the choose 10 things I hate about you. Or maybe if you fancy a quiet night in then choose The breakfast club, its up to you.

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