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Telecommunication Essays

Telecommuting Case

The first company to introduce ‘Telecommuting’ in the UK was the Xerox Corporation. The company was going through hard times and wished to make some of their senior people redundant while still using their expertise but just as consultants. Volunteers

Asynchronous Transfer Mode In Voice Technologies

The ATM abbreviation stands for  “Asynchronous Transfer Mode”. The telecommunication companies are using ATM for major data networking vendors. ATM is an addition to   STM “ Synchronous Transfer Mode” which is a circuit based switched networking, where connection is established

Technological Advances In Telecommunications

What technological advances in telecommunications and transportation have influenced global business in the last decade? How have these technological advances affected regional economic development? The advancements in telecommunication include the Internet and World Wide Web. The advancement of the microprocessor

Telemedicine Coming of Age

In this article (Brown 1996) the author has reviewed various dimensions of telemedicine like – different enabling technologies, programs, advantages, barriers etc. One can notice a clear bias towards technology and telemedicine in this article. There can be no doubt

Telecommunications Revolution

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, much of the information technologies and telecommunications industry’s focus was on how to reengineer the likes of financial institutions, manufacturing, retail, service, and government. These technology deployments were largely pursued and justified on the grounds

The Original Meaning Of The Universal Obligation

The original idea of Universal Service Obligation was to provide equal and affordable access to means of trade and communication and bridging the regional conflicts (Dr. Beth Simone Noveck). It refers to the telecommunication system that connects a particular geographic

U.S. Telecom Mergers and Acquisitions: A Bad Idea or a Good Idea

Introduction In general, communication means any information exchange between two people or more. The definition is slightly different from that of telecommunication. According to National Telecommunication and Information Administration in United States, telecommunication refers to any transmission of signals (voice,

The Major Events Of Telecommunication’s History

Telephone names from the Greek word “tele”, meaning from afar, and “phone”, meaning voice or voiced sound. Generally, a telephone is any device which conveys sound over a distance. Telephone history begins at the start of human history. Man has

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