Tennis Court Oath (School Speech) Essay Sample

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I am a well off, law obeying, businessman of the third class. I take pride in being a honest man making a honest living, I have never robbed, cheated or hurt anybody, I even pay my taxes on time but lately I have started to wonder…… where has all the money I have been giving to the government been going? Is it being used for the good of the people? Then a few days ago, it was revealed to us, the third estate that the king’s wife, Marie Antoinette has been using our hard earned money for herself, and has even managed to horde some of it! This is outrages! Our poor workers are over straining themselves just to finance her clothes?! It is honestly no wonder France is going through a financial plunge. Isn’t she supposed to be the wife of our king? Isn’t the king supposed to be chosen by god?

I do not think that God would have sat still while the king’s wife sucked the country dry of funds, adding to the debt of France and the downfall of her own country. As for the king, the king has been trained to choose a fit wife to rule alongside him be it for creating mutual bonds and alliances with other sovereign countries. If he has, by the slightest chance, chosen such a wife he must take responsibility and guide her for the better of the nation. He doesn’t do so! He lets her continue with her flamboyant actions causing the nation, his home, to crumble. He is a disgrace and unfit to rule if he cannot stop one of the main roots of the country’s debt burden.

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