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Terrorism has gradually uprooted the ethics of civilization. It is the greatest enemy of our nation. By the help of some ill-advised persons, it is now flourishing rapidly. Collecting funds is no more a tough job for them. Terrorism has acquired global dimensions. Developed nations may play a good role ill uprooting terrorism. Dilly laws may not prove effective 10 end terrorism. General public’s co-operation and psychological rehabilitation is very much required. Essay And Article On : The Menace Of Terrorism In India !!

terrorismThe dignity of human life must be maintained at any cost while trying to eradicate terrorism. The word, ‘terrorism’ was first used in France, and later popularized during the Russian Revolution. It is also defined as a method whereby an organized group or party seeks to achieve its aims, primarily through) the use of violence. It is considered as one of the most evil forces destabilizing the sense of fraternity among the people.

It even paralyses the economic development of the country. Since the last two decades, it has become a burning problem in the Indian Society. There was a time when our brave hearted freedom fighters terrorized the colonial rulers by their firm ideology’ and honesty. But today, lives of the common innocent men are at the mercy of terrorists.

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Today’s terrorism is against the state,

It has a separate political purpose and it aims at creating fear and panic among the masses. They have no sense of national integrity. They even seek support for their acts of killing human beings. Terrorists obtain’ funds from different sources. They collect money by extortion’, robbery, kidnapping, etc. Smuggling arms and drugs have now become a popular method of collecting money by the terrorists. In India, terrorism did not exist even two decades ago.

After a few regional political movements, terrorism has increased considerably. Like the Khalistani movement in Punjab, the Naxalite movement around West Bengal, the Gorkhaland movement in Darjeeling, the ULFA in Assam, the NSCN in Manipur and the separatist movement in Kashmir have given birth to terrorism in India. Today terrorism has become a grave concern affecting our country’s Future. As per the recent data, India ranks second after Iraq in the world, in terms of mass-killings.

The development of science has also strengthened the arms of terrorists. They are now using chemical agents (cyanides); nerve agents; biological agents (anthrax) besides the sophisticated guns and bombs. The threat of nuclear attack by terrorists is also looming large’ in our country. Social scientists have mentioned three reasons for joining terrorist acts. These are mainly due to ‘Declivity deprivation’.

Aspirational deprivation’ and ‘Progressive deprivation’. The nature of contemporary terrorismterrorism keeps changing with new tactics and new organizational structures being introduced. Terrorist group try old. new and different tactics all at the same time. They only want to know what will work. Mumbai terror attack may be the beginning of a new era.

There are four stages of global terrorism, viz.,

(I) 1980 – 1990s: era of backyard struggle

(2) 1990s – 2001 : rise of spectacular Global Jihad

(3) 2001 – 2007: maturing of local Guerrilla terrorism

(4) 2008: possible start of Global Guerrilla terrorism United Nations as well as various developed and developing countries have resolved to counter terrorism.

Terrorist groups like HAMAS. AL-QAIDA, LTTE, etc. have been declared unlawful. Their funding through the hawala has been checked. Our government also has taken measures to check their activities. We have formed the National Security Guard (N.S.G) and set up various law enforcing agencies to meet the emergency situation.

President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil announced government’s agenda to resist terrorism. She announced that the Unique Identity Card (UIC) scheme for each citizen will be implemented by 2012-13. Patil made the announcement while declaring that a policy of zero-tolerance towards terrorism from whatever source it originates will be pursued.

The second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) had earlier recommended UIC for checking illegal migration and terrorist infiltration. But only repressive laws may not prove effective to control terrorism. To control terrorism effectively we must have co-operation among us. Cooperation between citizens and police is also very vital.

Our intelligence agencies (C.B.I.. RAW, etc.) need to be more alert. And above all our judicial system should be more fair and speedy. Some repressive measures taken by some developed countries also can further help to fight the menace of terrorism. When we are living in this global country we are well enjoying the fruits of globalization.

terrorismAt the same time we have to fight against terrorism with global co-operation. Terrorism is a global problem. It cannot be solved in isolation. All the countries of the world should work untidily to fight against this global menace. However, we must keep in mind that while taking anti-terrorist steps we must retain the dignity of human rights at every cost. Terrorism is a crime against humanity.

It should be dealt with an iron hand. The forces behind it must be exposed. The countries which patronize, militancy should be clearly identified and declared as ‘terrorist states.’ What is needed is international co-operation to check this evil.

Aid to Vocabulary:

1. Destabilize-to make a system, country, group, etc. become less firmly established or fixed

2. Ideology-a set of ideas or beliefs that form the basis of an economic or political theory or that are held by a particular group of persons 3. Integrity-the condition of being whole and not divided

4. Obtain-to get or acquire something by making an effort

5. Extortion-to obtain something by violence, threats, etc.

6. Sophisticated—complicated and refined

7. Looming-Largely present everywhere

8. Deprivation-the state of not having the benefits that most people have

9. Resolve-against doing something, to decide firmly

10. Repressive-harsh or severe.

Points to Remember:

1. Terrorists want to achieve certain goals by means of violence.

2. Terrorists have no caste, creed or religion.

3. The fraternity as well as the human civilization always falls a victim at the hands of the terrorists.

4. They obtain funds by extortion, kidnapping, etc.

5. Anti-terrorism acts require high-handedness as well as rehabilitation.

6. In the process of the anti-terrorism acts, we must value the human dignity and human rights.

Some More Material Points To Enrich Your Essay:

• Terrorism refers to extortion, kidnapping and killing to attract wider attention to a particular cause and thus to force a targeted authority to concede demands of the perpetrators of terror.

• One of the former UN Secretary-General was of the view that fights over economic resources and political power is the main cause of terrorism.

• There are no short-cuts in the difficult task of combating terrorism. The authorities should terrorismanalyze the cause of growing disaffection against the establishment with an open mind. The genuine problems should be taken up immediately and earnestly for finding their short term and long term solution.So this was an essay on terrorism in India.

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