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Many people regard war as the only solution to counteract terrorism, but there are others that disagree. In this essay I will be discussing and comparing the option of war to alternative options that can replace it.

The first two options both involved the military. Option one involved using intelligence to locate and bomb terrorist training camps, and option two was to take over or destabilise governments that are sympathetic to the terrorist by sending in trained troops. In comparing this to war I noticed that these options are actually quite similar. By bombing the terrorist camps this would cause them to retaliate, and the end result would be a war. Option two would also end up as a war because after your troops have invaded the country the country would fight back causing you to have to train more troops to send into battle. Options 3 and 4 are focused on inward focus meaning not getting involved in any issues abroad and focusing on why terrorists would attack you? These two options are much better because there would be no war unless the terrorists attacked first. With no war there would be no dead soldiers which would in turn boost the economy because there would be more workers.

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