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On September 11th 2001 the United States faced one of the most tragic terrorist attacks in history. After the events of that day many questions were left unanswered and an astounding lack of evidence was left behind. I believe that there is much more to what really happened that day then the official story states. In my opinion the United States played a part in those events or just allowed them to happen all in an attempt to gain support for invading the Middle East.

Possibly the most controversial part of the events of 9/11 was all the conflicting stories and disturbing lack of evidence left at the Pentagon after the supposed crash into one of its walls. One of the most intriguing aspects of the Pentagon attack is the size of the crash site. The hole said to be left by the plane in the pentagon was approximately 65 feet across, when a Boeing 757 (the plane used in the attacks) has a wingspan of 124 feet. How could something that large, traveling at up to 440 mph, leave a whole that differs that much in size? (Vinayakaya, The Pentagon Was Not).

To go along with that, according to Thierry Meyssan in his book 9/11 The Big Lie, the supposed plane crash didn’t damage lawn of the Pentagon or the helicopter pad in front of the crash site. There were also no identifiable plane parts found just generic metal fragments, the lack of debris is hard to believe because wreckage was found in both of the World Trade Center Towers despite the intense heat of the fires inside (19-24).

This information leads many people to believe that the United States fired a missile on the Pentagon to give the appearance of a plane crash. This is supported by the fact that the only thing that would be able to get past the Pentagon’s defense systems without getting shot down would have had to access to the codes that define an object as a non-threat. Missiles made by the US government would be programmed using these codes making all of this possible. Meyssan also states in his book that the damage found at the Pentagon fits the typical result of a modern day missile strike (27).

The most intriguing and confusing part of the attacks on the US is the collapse of World Trade Center building seven. WTC building seven collapsed without being attacked or having any structural damage to it. The mainstream news didn’t cover the collapse of building seven due to the magnitude of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon but it was documented in the official report and quickly became a source of controversy and conspiracy. There is even video evidence of the building owner of the World Trade Center’s, Larry Silverstein, telling someone to “pull it”. Pull it is the common term for ordering demolition in the demolition business.

The main focuses of September 11th were the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings; even this part of the official story is shrouded in controversy. The leading argument is that the two buildings were built to withstand an airplane crash in the event of a tragic accident. So how could one plane bring down a building built to withstand such an event? In an article from www.truthplease.hubpages.com, it is stated that the buildings tested at temperatures up to 2000 C, and jet fuel only burns as hot as 980 C, yet the official story says that the burning jet fuel melted the internal structure of the building.

The Twin Towers collapsed down onto themselves in a fashion that is customary for demolition. In an article on attackonamerica.net, Jerry Russell Ph.D. says that a modern skyscraper would not collapse like that unless it was demolished; they say it’s highly unlikely for a building to do that in the case of an accident, even less likely for two in a row to fall like that. He also writes that “Never in the history of steel frame structures has a single one been destroyed by fire.”

Along with all of the expert opinions on how the building fell in demolition style there is compelling evidence that come from firemen and other witnesses on the ground that day. Meyssan states in his book that some of the firemen working that day heard the sounds of an explosion at the bases of the towers, and would support a better investigation into it (35).

To me all of this evidence points directly to the United States having a part in the events of September 11th or possibly being behind it all. The evidence against the U.S. grows even stronger when you learn that the bin Laden family, had been a business partners of the Bush family for years.

According a story on www.0nenation.com, bin Laden’s family had a great working relationship with the Bush family. They were heavily invested into the Bush’s oil company. According to 0nenation.com, George W. Bush had meetings with leaders of Al Qaeda and other high ranking officials in the Middle East about building an oil pipeline in Afghanistan. Also from 0nenation.com, it is said that George W. Bush’s dad was meeting with Osama’s brother the morning of September 11th to discuss business among other topics (The Bin Laden Connection).

There is one more connection between the United States and Osama bin Laden, in Thierry Meyssan’s book he states that during July 2001 Osama was treated at the American Hospital in Dubai. It is said that the local representative of the CIA was seen headed to his room to visit (107). I find all of these connections to be disturbing considering what bin Laden supposedly coordinated only months after being treated in an American hospital.

Even with all of this evidence against them the United States still isn’t widely blamed for the events of 9/11. They may not have coordinated the entire thing but the way I see it they definitely allowed it to happen. There are plenty of declassified documents that show that the CIA and President Bush knew that something was going to happen on September 11th they just didn’t know what.

According to Kurt Eichenwald, in an article for the New York Times, the CIA began gathering information in the spring of 2001 that pointed towards an attack on America. That information was then passed on to President Bush. The most urgent of the warnings was on August 6th when he received a briefing that an attack on America was eminent. Yet with all of that information and practically a confirmation in the briefing on August 6th, no precautionary measures were taken (The Deafness Before the Storm). They may not have been able to prevent the attacks entirely but I believe they could have definitely gone on alert and possibly even have lessened the blow of the attacks.

I have always been intrigued by this topic but with all the research that has gone into this paper I have become even more convinced that there is more to the events of 9/11 than the official story tells us. I believe any skeptic should look into all the evidence of the United States’ involvement in those attacks. If the U.S. coordinated these attacks or simply allowed them to happen you have to wonder what their motives were. This topic and the evidence supporting it definitely lessens my faith in our government considering that they may have been responsible for the lives that were lost due to the attacks on that day.

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