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a. Branding and Reputation
Tesco has a really strong brand image compare to other supermarket or grocer market. Their name is strong and more known to the world and this is associated with their good quality, trustworthy goods presented to the customers including implementing the environment of carefully branded packaging and the promotion of an “every penny counts”. This explained why Tesco is well recognized because they give their best effort to try and satisfy and entertains their customers’ needs. And that is by representing excellent value to their valued customers and automatically received good and high level of reputation to keep for future. Products and services offered in Tesco also have been improved to facilitate better management of product lifecycles in store by restocking or checking availability of products. They also made sure the efficiency of delivering products are according to system and managed well to cater their customers’ needs. By this method, Tesco has successful in gaining customers’ loyalty in them.

b. IT Integration
In the era of advance technology, Tesco has implemented some amount of speed in improving their products, services and also the processes of managing the store. These were all to make everything easier for the staff to handle workload and also to maintain the customers’ satisfaction. They were using the extranet based EDI system with GE Information Systems to basically allow their suppliers to check stock levels using only Web browser. This extranet system helps in a many ways with technology based property information solutions that store, manage and also connect critical data relating to their property portfolio and associated property activities. Realizing that in today’s world are more challenging and complex to handle and much more difficult to forecast, it is necessary for Tesco to innovate further to able themselves compete and improve their system because for Tesco, operations is more seen as necessities rather than luxuries. In addition, the extranet system adapted by Tesco also enable them to create proprietary and customized information flows between the company and its business partners. This technology is one of the effort to maintain Tesco’s capability to handle an increase in product or service capacity and at the same time.

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