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Testimonies in Our Daily Life Essay Sample

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Testimonies in Our Daily Life Essay Sample

We can hear the buzzing of vehicles, the sound of the ticking clock the noise of the quarrels around our house. We can hear it almost every day. Everyone Is busier than ever; there is no time for chitchatting, no time for recreation, no time for rest, but most of all no time for God. We could no longer handle our own self; we become robots in our daily respective modes of living. But what is lacking? People tried hardly to make something better in order for them to attain that success in life, to experience that desire for a change – a change for the better. Many have searched or it, but many have failed.

Though some of them had reached their goal, some of them have all the riches they wanted, still something Is lacking. Questions have bothered many, “Can we really attain that real success in life? ” then if not, “What is really my purpose, who really am I or where do I come from? ” In our everyday Ife, we experience many challenges, problems, and trials in which we sometimes find ourselves hopeless or give up from all Iniquities. Frankly, we forget to see the clearer view of things around us. We forget to think about the wonderful things the world we presently live.

We see enormous trees, gigantic mountains, overflowing rivers, and so much more. How can we forget about these things? Did you ever ask where do all these come from? Perhaps you have. Everything that is good in our life is a gift from our loving Heavenly Father. Whenever we pick something in our pocket is a blessing, the air we breathe, the waterwe drink. the earth we live in, the sun that gives light, everything around us is for tree. Every single aspect of blessing we get from our dally lives is a gift from God. Truly, He did not forget each one of us; He loves us more than we know.

How can we give back all these things? How can we show our gratitude to Him? When we contribute something for Him In return, we express our love, faith, and gratitude. If we become faithful, our Heavenly Father promises us blessings that are far greater than anything we have. The only thing He wants us to do is to thank Him by simply taking care of ourselves, to give service towards our fellow men, and to follow and abide His precepts. This is the only way we can thank Him. He wants our life be filled with HIS grace and comfort amidst from all adversaries and trials we manifest.

As the parable of the wheat and the grain, what we sow Is what we reap, every good blessing we do, comes a bountiful harvest for the future. Sometimes we just have to stop worrying, wondering, doubting, things will work out, maybe not how we planned it, but how God has planned it. Everything happens for a reason, we experience something to cry out today, but tomorrow is another story. As we continue to flip the chapter in our life, let us be reminded always that life Is Just Iike bubble, that once It Is pricked, It will pop, and there’s no way to turn it back.

Hence, life is short. We must do all what we can to please our Heavenly Father. Everything we do is based on the choices we make. It is not our parents, our past relationships, our job, the economy, the weather, an argument, or our age that is to blame. We, and only we are responsible for every decision and t easily swayed upon things that are not in conformity with God’s will. But we must take it into our hearts and mind, that we cannot see true happiness within the world, but by abiding the precepts of our Divine Savior.

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